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There is the common stereotype that life as a vegetarian can be boring! But we have 5 amazing non meat recipes that will prove that theory wrong! (switch out the Parmesan for the vegetarian non Rennet variety) All of these are a must try – even if you’re a meateater!

Links from the video:
Margherita Pizza | http://jamieol.com/PizzaJulietta
Gennaro’s Secret Allotment | http://jamieol.com/secretallotment
Cappellacci with Sage & Butter Sauce | http://jamieol.com/cappellacci

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Geraldine Fields says:

I am glad to see the young lady made a proper cheese sauce for the macaroni and cheese and baked it in the oven. Some folks think all macaroni and cheese is cheese and hot pasta clumped together. I have even seen clumpy mac and cheese in restaurants. It is all about the cheese sauce. End of rant.Thank you.

Matt B says:

Important to note- that these are not necessarily vegetarian. Many cheese are not vegetarian, so please be sure to let those people eating your dish know.

John Hartigan says:

Last recipe with macaroni is the laziest vegetarian recipe ever made, I don't even get why is in the video. "No meat? No problem, just add a shitload of dairy and carbohidrates"

19stjohn67 says:

Paneer, the worlds most pointless cheese

Nana ow says:

sadly normal cheese isn’t vegetarian

Naigh-naigh Why says:

People are actually dumb hey, outchea confusing vegan with vegetarian.

suruchi sharma says:

Kadhai paneeeeerrrrrrr

John Smith says:

Marco Pierre White wandering where the stock pots at…

nainafavs says:

Mac and cheese in Veggie?? Are you kidding me Jamie..? Okay, I know that its technically a vegetarian dish but are you telling me that you're so ignorant that you could not be bothered to find any other dish made with vegetables in the whole wide world? Seriously man….

Art Jimin says:

Why are English egg yolks orange?

Nishant Rai says:

I am vegetarian, and this still looks rubbish.

A R says:

Why does all veggie food contain coriander it tastes like sh*t

swagzilla3000 says:

Mmmm that michaela

swagzilla3000 says:

Hahahhahahahaha "why am i cooking so guuuuuud"
Spot. On.

Shrek says:

Don't forget to eat soy products and feces to reach sufficient levels of B12, my fellow vegetarians.

littlesmallworld123 says:

Why does everyone insist on ruining mac and cheese by baking it? Literally no matter what you do the cheese sauce clumps up and goes grainy… and the crispy top never turns out more than feeling like sand anyway.

traumtaenzerin85 says:

You do know that parmesan is not vegetarian, don't you?

Angnina Angpu says:

Is egg is vegetarian?

Abdul Shukor Hadi says:

Chinese-style vegetable dishes are still easier and, more veggieble

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