British Food Tour – 5 Dishes You HAVE to Try in England! (Americans try British food)

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British Food Tour – 5 Dishes You HAVE to Try in England! We’ve been staying near the Lake District in England for the last few weeks and have been dying to try some of these classic English foods! Watch us Americans try these delicious British foods 😍

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Here are all the dishes we tried and their prices:

Lunesdale Cafe –
£7.95 – Full English breakfast
£3.50 – Pasty

Cowan Bridge Tea Room –
£6.30 – Cream Tea for Two

The Albert –
£10.95 – Fish and Chips
£10.95 – Shepherds’ Pie

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The Endless Adventure says:

Hey Everyone! This was one of our first experiences with English dishes, but since then we've had the pleasure of trying proper cream tea in Cornwall, a true Cornish Pasty and some fish n chips from a chippy. You can checkout those videos here ~~> Thanks for watching!

Pati Grove says:

I lived in England for 6 yrs. You are bringing back wonderful memories!! Thank you.
Especially the cream tea's! ( to die for)…lol

MarkSmithSa says:

In recent days I have been watching a lot of videos made by visitors from either the USA or Canada to England. They are all upbeat, interesting and educational, even for a Brit who has travelled extensively around the UK. This is the first time that I have seen The Endless Adventure and it must be in the top 10, if not the top 3. Thank you.

Alex Martin says:

Try a greggs sausage roll

john moffatt says:

Funny colonials 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧

Steve MetalHammer says:

If I lived there, I`d have to do that everyday. Oh, wait !

Camden Drive says:

this would be great to experience culture, cream tea england rocks

Bảo Anh Vũ says:

First time i see a video about UK and it's not London

Pablo H. says:

For some reason, I don't like it when people smell their food.

Ingrid Dubbel says:

These people are stupid an 18th century structure is not deemed really old in the UK.
They can't even identify a tea cozy.

MY571C4LH1GH5 * says:

Can't say I've tried fish n chips in the lake district but best place imo is at sea side towns like Whitby and Cornwall

annisha davidson says:

Everything looks sooooo good!

TheLizardKing1967 says:

A lot of people like to bad mouth the UK about the food. Funny thing is, it is GREAT food! So put that in your proper pile and smoke it mate!

Butch 78 says:

You guess that the pasty is Credited to Cornwall and Cornwall is somewhere in England??? Right and wrong.

Ian Lo says:

I got to say that my favorite British food from England is Fish & Chips.

BoredOfBills says:

If you got to the point where you were arguing over whether it's jam then cream or cream then jam then you have truly discovered England – well played.
However, although cream tea and pasties are available all over the country, both are only properly enjoyed in the West country (Devon and Cornwall). It's a bit like Texas BBQ. There are places in Montana and California advertising "Texas BBQ" but if you want it 'for real' you have to go to Texas. You travel well so I think you'll probably get there… : )

Kat Watson says:

Just to clarify the whole jam/cream thing… it depends where you eat it. In Devon they put the cream first and then the jam, but in Cornwall it's the jam then the cream! Both will tell you their way is the correct way!! 🙈

benjamin says:

Fish and chips ! Looks delicious , too bad we don't find a lot of places in India that make fish and chips .

Michael Morrisson says:

Hope you tried a roast!

Slippymicky says:

And to think, all around America there use to be such Mom and Pop places. But fast-food ran them out of business.

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