Cheese and Vegetable Quiche – Gary Rhodes – BBC

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Gary Rhodes turns his attentions to some recipe ideas for the great outdoors with an easy to follow recipe for a cheese, leek and mushroom quiche. Just perfect for a summer picnic. Clip taken from Gary Rhodes New British Classics. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:


katerina z says:

lovin the hair

adam4757 says:

Looks delicious, but a little underdone for my taste.

jeroen says:

the only classy bbc chef

Cammie Smith says:

I love Quiches! I found this great pinterest board that has lots of great Quiche recipes. You should check it out.

K Savv says:

that guys hair is inspirational

Jill DeXara says:


ayshamuj says:

I love your hair

Christian says:

Gary Rhodes: A man trapped in 1992.

Dick Aspey says:

o_O How is it I've never heard of this guy?!

mustang6172 says:

Did someone ejaculate into his hair?

Your Art City says:

Now, that looks yummy!!!!!My mouth is watering!

Sophie Smudge says:

Ellocution lessons didn't work Gazza

techyknowsbest says:

look at his HAIR!!!

Kalyan Kolukuluri says:

Thanks Gary and BBC… from India. Makes my mouth water.

vampirefurby says:

That hair! It's like, "Hello and welcome to cooking with BUCK-TICK." *L* That's ok. I can dig crazy hair.

asphaltrox says:

your hair is very distractin' mate.

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