Fedtv 2008 April 16 Uluru Adventures & Vegetarian Classics

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Project Bluestar Diary 2000-2012

As the federation are swamped with galactic mail resulting from the milk interview with E.B.Gbee the gay Grey from ET News; the team prepare to indulge in the vast array of aventures to Uluru, Katja Tjuta & Watarka, the ancient magestic energy centres of the late gondwana land. This is a warm up before tommy delves into a vegetarian classic to help people reduce there impact on the earth & finally, danny sparks up some wild news from the craft. This is earth’s sanctuary’s day to promote good living on our awesome planet! Enjoy!


joydivisionthecure says:

i patiently peacefully excitedly await the presentation of Galactic Federations presence in the skys above texas…i feel something amazing happening…and by the way…your ships can travel at the speed of thought…sooo pick me up so i can see Australia fore a few hours…looks beautiful where you guys are …i want to see the domes and the didgeridoo's…haha peace….

odin422 says:

You guys have the BEST job, can i join? haha
looks like a rewarding job

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