The Grand Aioli: The Ultimate French Vegetable Platter (vegetarian )

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The Grand Aioli is the ultimate vegetable platter from the south of France. It is composed of a mix of delicious, fresh and crunchy vegetables served with the world famous Aioli sauce. which is a type of garlic mayonnaise made using a pestle and mortar.

The aioli is made typically in a wooden pestle and mortar with fresh garlic cloves salt, eggs yolks and oil. it is not for the faint hearted as teh garlic taste is really strong. but that said you will rip many health benefit of it and get your serving of fresh vegetables.

This video will show you how to make a grand aioli from scratch along with the important Aioi recipe. the aioli or garlic mayonnaise is made with a pestle and mortar. it may sound challenging but the results are excellent.

the grand aioli this can be a vegetarian dish or not depending on what you like, as you can also serve it with poached fish and freshly cooked mussels as well.

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Milosc Voimsus says:

Every Day! + Some Prosciutto. Very Nice.

anastasia46 says:

I need a new mortar and pestle !!! do you love that one in the video ? can you give me a link ? Merci !

L A says:

I love that he eats his own food lol

Anisha Sood says:

Amazing I am vegetarian and love French wine and always wanted to know more French vegetarian recipes 👍😘

OK! But then again. says:

Sorry but Aioli isn't French! Nice recipe though.

Tijmen Grondhout says:

Is that cayenne pepper powder added to the aioli?

Feardrinker says:

I will certainly be trying this at home. Fantastic.

Alvaro Rodriguez says:

When spanish people see this our first reactions are: 1. That's a spanish sauce you illiterate frenchman! and 2. Only such an obnoxious frenchman such als yourself would make it all wrong and put Egg in it!!
Well, I commend all people that come from my country to chill, accept that in southern france they also discovered that emulsifying garlic is delicious, that they call it the same way, and that we should all be grateful to the french, if not for the vast culinary, philosofical, literary,ETC culture they have created and shared with the world, then at least for uniting Europe around mockery towards them.
As long as its in good fun I'm all in.
(Spanish "hate" french bc of historical reasons,also their 90s governments resistance against Spain entering the EU. The worst thing is that they dont hate us back because apparently we were too insignificant to hate, which is weird because we had capes and really cool hats.)

donna mqm says:

Hi can you also make videos for other cold sauces and salads for us aspiring pantry cooks? Please? Thanks much in advance. 🍅🌶🍠🥒🍎🍓🥗🥙

Cyndi Foore says:

I need to make this for a lunch except with less veggies and add some meat and cheese, yum.

Yasmin Khan says:

Can you give me the address and phone number of from where you bought this mortar and pestel set olease

Metsada007 says:

I love aioli.

sj tv says:

Great looking dish. Did he cook the cucumbers and red radishes too?

Pearl White says:

Thank you, Stephane! I’ve been looking for an authentic Aioli sauce to serve with jumbo lump crab as an appetizer!! I’ve got to try this!!

Burma xxx says:

the spanish ali-oli hasn't got mayo (eggs); the name of "ali- oli" comes from catalán language, and means "garlic (ali) and oil (oli): "ali" comes from latin "alium" and "oli" from "oleum". Latin etimology show us cuisine. Love your channel :3

Rom Est says:

Double dipping!!

Frenchie 11 says:

No Dijon mustard, I thought it was mayonaise with garlic!

grafvonstauffenburg says:

It's a surprise that no lemon juice or vinegar was added; this is diff. but more direct & easier….esp., the vertical spoon test for viscosity….!

fresheclair says:

Never seen that before) thank you for the recipe, Stephane

BlueSkies11 says:

How would you serve this? As a starter? Just as a meal on its own for lunch or dinner? How much of each veg should one person eat?

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