Vegan Ice Cream – Shock! (Magnum Classic V Vegan Classic)

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Vegan Ice Cream! Who would have thought that a vegan ice cream would taste so good. In this vlog my 92 year old mother and I review the Magnum Classic Ice Cream and the Magnum Vegan Classic Ice Cream. A vegan food review that even I was impressed with. The question is does my 93 year old mother give it the thumbs up?

Check out the Magnum Vegan Classic Here…

Walls Magnum Website…

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Kelly Bergman says:

Could never be a vegan but I have a diary allergy so I wish they had them here

Chris P Ⓥ says:

Great stuff, there's plenty of good vegan products out there, there are also plenty of shit ones too – the vegan magnum and cornettos are tops though. I've fooled plenty of non-vegans with them.

Redcardesign says:

Great to see ya mum looking so well. X

Richard C says:

I'm going to have to try one now!

Baz The Barber says:

Haha might have to try one of them pal lol. Good to see your mum looking well too 👍🏻

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