Vegetarian sausage rolls – Gary Rhodes – BBC

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Gary Rhodes shares his recipe for cheese and onion vegetarian sausage rolls. Don’t forget to give it that extra kick with a dash of cayenne powder. Another great recipe idea from Gary Rhodes New British Classics. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:


Wrekking Cru says:

This was back when you actually had good cooking shows – before the Reality TV, cooking competition tsunami.

Sharon Ballantyne says:


Terry Wootton says:

Vegetarian with suet?

brad wakey says:

They’re not “vegetarian sausage rolls”, they are just cheese and onion rolls.

Halogen Star says:

Rest in peace Gary Rhodes.

Derek Stocker says:

RIP Gary, the most charismatic of the TV chefs and loved your recipes, especially these veggie sausage rolls.
Thank you for some super food ideas.

Nicola Mitchell says:

Rest in Peace

Mirabella Mcgarry says:

Omg great stuff no sausage in this video omg

Sonia Butler says:

👎 why no subtitles for deaf

Vivian Li says:

I don't think vegetarians can't eat eggs – they don't eat meat, but eggs aren't exactly meat yet right? people who don't eat animal products at all are vegans…??? right?? or am I wrong? I have a friend who has been vegan for 4-5 years already…probably more she does not eat eggs, dairy products and other animal products…but vegetarians can eat cheese and eggs right? Confused at the moment.

adam4757 says:

They looked good until half of the filling oozed out.

VeeVeeVeeV says:

How is this a sausage roll?
Looks like method used for making cinnamic n bun, or jelly roll…..but nothing like a sausage roll!
I'm sure this concoction of cheese and onions tastes fine, but this video shouldn't be called a sausage roll!!
NICE eye brows, by the way!

robotoda2000 says:

cheese and onion rolls 🙂

Marachime says:

@chillahaze Suet. It's essentially shredded fat. look it up on wiki 🙂

xini zin says:

u r telling gary?????

xini zin says:

what is suet n wat subsitute for it?

Ok Cool says:

Vegetarian bollocks, yuck..

Ok Cool says:

But aren't egg's chicken fetus?

Empresslockness says:

That doesn't matter to me. I would still devour them. LOL.

Lilly300100 says:

actually, most of them don't, i know because my mom has been a vegetarian her whole life like the rest of her family…

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