6 High-Protein Vegetarian Dinners

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Witty Vixen says:

I’m not a fan of tofu but I do love vegetables a lot. I love spinach especially 😍

Sarathchandra Durvasula says:

What do we heat the stove to when we make the chili?

71Gilligan says:

👍for the soundtrack and then for recipies

Jesse Erickson says:

I am a hunter/fisherman, so obviously i eat meat. But i only eat what meat i myself or my family have harvested. So if a hunt or fishing trip is unsuccessful then too bad, no meat for dinner. Out of curiosity I've tried alot of vegitarian or vegan dishes in the last year and most of them are absolutely fantastic. Except tofu, i just dont like the texture.

Sara Hidour says:

I want to go vegetarian but I have a problem, my colon can't stand any beans, chickpeas or lentils.
what can I do?

Mowgli Hajduk says:

Man I wish I could afford to eat like this, looks delicious 🙂

Alissa Knopps says:

I've been contemplating becoming vegetarian or toning down my meat consumption. Half this food doesn't look to bad

Dawson Vosburg says:

Please stop using sesame oil as a cooking oil, good lord

Atsard- Dali says:

Not vegan, but will definitely make these if good, I’ll add to my eating rotation..

Kyle Rollins says:

As someone who suffers from gout, I’m glad I found this! Now I can mix it up from the usual boring bland vegetarian meals!

kotk05 says:

The lentil ball looks gud

Muhammad Irfan says:

You can try bean fermented, tempe. It has pretty high protein and delicious

Priscilla Jimenez says:

Tasty, what is the specific hot sauce you use?

StinkyBoy says:

niggas really be like “I’m not a vegetarian I just don’t eat meat”

nikhil khemnani says:

Egg isn't vegetarian

ari rose says:

You're only supposed to eat tofu like once a week so I wonder how some of these would taste with beyond meat products instead

Erick Zamora says:

yeah sure eggs are vegetarian. @3:53

El Rey Del Mundo says:

The video doesnt give any info, like how much protein are we talking? Because most vegetarian "high protein" meals I've seen have like 10-15g of protein and that's not nearly enough for me.

Alysson Blair James says:

Guys! I made the vegan chili last night and it’s absolutely BOMB! I haven’t had chili in years since becoming vegan and it is SO good! I recommend cooking it in a crock pot over night or through out the day so the veggies become very soft and soak up the deliciousness. 🤤 that’s what I did and it’s to die for!

Soumya Surajita says:

Oilfree sugar free itrm

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