Classic vegan COMFORT food

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FEATURED RECIPES (+ free downloadable PDFs)
» 00:34 Mexican pizza:
» 02:55 Wild rice & mushroom burger:
» 02:51 Vegan mac & cheese:

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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

Which do you want to try first? Pizza, burger, or pasta?

Cheryl D says:

You make being vegan look so easy…

aashim bhasin says:

Those whole grain burger buns tho.

Charnè Colleen says:

Her voice is so soothing


What is vegan beef

Wise Energy says:


Lauren Auguste says:

Hehe “pasta”

Jhanesa Potter says:

I love all your recipe and I wish were neighbors😊

Sarah Kruse says:

I’m definitely trying this burger recipe this weekend! Thank you for being such a calming beautiful inspirational person for me to eat healthier and take better care of my whole self these past few years! Also, I love that coat you put on before getting into your car at the end of the video…any chance you remember where it’s from? Thank you!

fareeha Nasir says:

Awesome awesome….can't thank you much!!!❤❤❤

Sarah S says:

Could you make a part two?

Maritza Vasques says:

The pizza…eh…? Nope! That's not pizza, better to eat the real thing, this doesn't come near to a real pizza, so better skip it than eating something that is not near the real one.

Annika Fechner says:

I Love thise recipes! I‘m trying a vegan diet at the moment. I think I‘ll prepare the mexican pizza for my Birthdayparty so anybody can see how amazing vegan food can be!

draksha // says:

Her voice is a therapy to my soul 💗💗

Rosane Zany says:

To fast to understand the recipes

Gi Gi says:

Those patties look legit 👀

Sarz93 says:

nutritional yeast is disgusting – i would rather spend the money on the vegan cheese than that stuff – i had to give the rest of my 1 kg bag to my vegan friends because i was so invested into the idea – tried making it three times thinking i was making it wrong

Dinu R says:

I watched the Mac and Cheese recipe like 5 times cuz it looks so damn good! And that did it, I’m buying an immersion blender! Thank you so much!

Rowan Wigglesworth says:

to anyone that has tried this can you taste mushroom in this I want to make these for my dad to see if he can taste the difference between plants and meat but he hates mushrooms. thanks have a great day!!

Dylan Cruz says:

Note to self— don’t watch this when you’re starving. Lol but this really does look amazing. Have to try it out.

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