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There are only a few vegetarian restaurants worldwide with a Michelin-star. The “Tian” in Austria’s capital Vienna is one of them. And it also has three Gault Millau toques. All thanks to the creative culinary talents of chef Paul Ivic.

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Julius Caesar says:

Paul Ivic looks like a vegan snacc

J.R. Schwab says:

Purple carrots are not unusual. Philistine.

Derick Hess says:

ATe there in April on a trip to Vienna. Wonderful experience. The food was amazing and the wine pairings were spot on.

Laughing Foodie says:

Check our this Vegan fine dining restaurant in Singapore

Poojan Modi says:

At 0:19 when you mention parmesan that cheese has animal rennet in it so it can't be considered vegetarian!

Dougy doug says:

Its better for you, but al that shitloads of cheese is not xD

Electro-Cute says:

All the spices are vegan… I mean are people dumb?

tomschnadelbach says:

But what kind of vegetarian? Vegan, lacto-ovo, pescatarian?

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