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It’s finally here! Vegan Comfort Classics is the first cookbook from Lauren Toyota of the wildly popular vegan cooking channel, hot for food. In this vegan cookbook review, I tried recipes that got the most votes on my Instagram stories. I take you along as I try Real Wonton Soup, Ramen Burger, Rosé Penne, and Raspberry Funfetti Pop Tarts. Plus, I’ll share my thoughts on the cookbook overall.

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Rosé penne recipe:

How to make dumpling wrappers:

Tater tot nachos:

FANtastic Rice Burgers:

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N I says:

What happened because you used to do by hand?

MMN says:

I completely agree. Her nacho cheese is amazing 🙌🏻 I replace the pickled jalapeños with pickles and pickle water because we are not huge spicy people and it still tastes insanely good. 👌🏻I also got her book. It’s amazing.

Shaniafan1 says:

Are you going to make a cookbook?

Shaniafan1 says:

A ramen burger? That’s different.

Shaniafan1 says:

I had to look up the recipe book cos I'm sitting here eating breakfast and so hungry lol. My partner is asleep 😂

Mimi Ashford says:

Yes, the only porn worth watching is ''vegan food porn.' ….not only satisfying but educational, too!!! Thank you!

Cherise Daly says:

This cookbook is amazing!!! I made the taquitos and OMG.

Michele Hayes says:

The southern fried cauliflower is the absolute best! Have made it several times since getting my hot for food cookbook. Have made several other recipes and look forward to trying more. Loved your review! Will definitely have to make the wonton soup!

Sarah Marie J says:

Do you make your own pectin?

Pete Mart says:

Wonton looks great. I agree that nacho cheese dip is sooo good and made it last week. I had made one of butternut squash for friends around the US election and that was similar(another one used Cashew butter instead and no) and a hit but so complicated her version is great… her vegan crab cakes is great(I added cauliflower to the artichokes for texture and wow). I made her bean burgers and found baking them to dehydrate them int he oven was better and was like a Wendy's patty. My meat eater mother like them a lot, so I will make those for her and stick to my beet burgers I came up with….it is all in the texture and baking to remove moisture. Wish I had the time to perfect my recipes lol…

Felize Lastic says:

So most of the liquid in the soup is water with a little bit of vinegar?

soyboy says:

I just made her vegan nacho "cheese" from this book. It's really good! You do need to process it for a while to get it perfectly smooth. I like her note in the book warning you not to overcook the potatoes and carrots because it will ruin the texture. I have a habit of doing that with boiled things, so I watched these more carefully and I'm glad I did. I didn't have arrowroot, so I subbed cornstarch. It worked, but I think it could be stringier and chewier with arrowroot next time. Last, I thought I followed the amounts, and I do think it could be quite a bit saltier. I can fix that. This is my first recipe of hers. I have a loaf of her seitan in the oven now, and I'm dying to try that in a vegan philly "cheesesteak". Will post when I'm done.

bellagoth says:

You should review the minimalist baker cookbook 🙂

Inversionary says:

LOL at the ebook joke

Nemrac says:

Omg the poptarts look like toaster struddles! I havent had those in yearssss

Mona Laura says:

pleeeeeeeease review the Avant garde vegan cookbook by gaz oakley – vegan 100- pleeeeeease!

roguebot says:

"Lauren Toyota is above the law" that made me laugh so hard for some reason 😂

Silvana Tan says:

Wait you live in calgary?? I’ve been watching you forever and had now idea we lived in the same city

Casey Mullen says:

Review Avant Garde Vegan's book please! 🙂

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