Laura Theodore Shares Holiday Survival Tips

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In episode #15 of Whole Food Plant Geek, Jill McKeever and Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, talk about Laura’s new book Jazzy Vegetarian Classics, Holiday Survival Tips, and 3 fabulous recipes for Portabella mushrooms. Grab your favorite beverage, pen & paper and get ready to have a good time.

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Say What? says:

Sorry, but I know vegan food would NOT GO FIRST at our Christmas Day celebration. We would try it but come on…..we have our own traditions from my grandparents, to my parents, to me and now my adult children…tradition is EVERYTHING! To each his own they say….

Plant Spirit 92 says:

Great interview. Thanks Jill 🙂 I just ordered Jazzy Vegetarians new book Vegan-ease..

Annette Fowler says:

Wow!! Two of my favorite people!! I LOVE this video!!! Thanks so much for posting it 🙂  (I know I'm kinda late watching this, LOL… but better late than never)

Jill McKeever says:

Thank you, Scott Poledna, for watching the "Laura Theodore Shares Holiday Survival Tips" video and letting me know you bought her book. Stay in touch and let me know which recipes you cook along the way. I never tire of talking about cooking and recipes. ;D 
Merry Christmas!

Scott Poledna says:

Thank you for a great interview – video! I bought the book and I love it!!

Janine Curl says:

Thank you Jill I will I'm so glad I found you on you tube.

Janine Curl says:

I tried the mushroom and stuffing that she mentioned it was great thank you so much for having her on.

Debbie E. says:

Yum, thanks for this Jill. This is my first plant based holiday and this info was great!

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