Best Of Nigella Lawson's Vegetarian Dishes | Compilation

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Dyana Prabhandhari says:

Does anyone realize limes goes well with alot of red things (chilli, watermelon, strawberries, dragon fruit)

Rhonda Baker says:

Totes not vegetarian if there's fish sauce in it 😉

autumn lynch says:

i love beetroot. Thank you for theses wonderful vegetarian dishes. More please!

Peter Barratt says:

I'd be a little worried to see your assistant rubbing her hair, then hands in to mix vermicelli, etc.

Roob Trulso says:

@1:29 fish sauce makes the dish non vegetarian

tasneem goryawala says:

You've really got some courage wearing that white jacket while handling beetroot 👏

Jim Halfpenny says:

I'd eat chips out of her knickers

Dhirajlalwow Siddhpura says:

बहू सरस हौ मजानु हौ

Kalankit Haseena says:

FISH sauce is not vegetarian. Nor is Stock.

Cherry Metha says:

Not great vegetarian recipes . Shame , I normally like Nigela's recipes. The 'pizzas' were awful !. And the courgette rounds looked very 'eggy '. BTW , Eggs are not vegetarian! They are still a form of life .

kishor kumar says:

Fish sauce, eggs r not vegetarian at all stock I m not sure about she used chicken stock or vegetable stock

viva Chen says:

是冬粉耶😄😄😄。。日本叫春雨很美的名字吧😍😍😍,big fan from Taiwan 😍😍😍

Crushi .Music, Art & Love. says:

🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 Fabulous! Asian inspired food and flavors are wonderful! Thank you, Nigella Lawson! Beautiful cinema and demonstrations!

Elsa Gonzalez says:

Nigelia can you f,onate your clothe to me? 💋🙋

Elsa Gonzalez says:

Love your personality and classiness. Thku for enciuraging us in so many different ways. Blessings. Shalom🌺💋

vloging with Manisha kutti says:

Love from India

Natalia Humpherys says:

Novella I'm a great fan of your cooking you made a boozy sherry trifle I hope that was not bristol cream sherry I can do a boozy grouse whisky it will make u dance would u like the recipe I make a Dundee cake for the sponge part

Morena Dulce says:

She is the best and my favorite cooking chef love her 🌼🌼♥️

punkybrewstar83 says:

Nigella- I love you- but wearing a white jacket whilst cutting and blending beetroot is just showing off.

cat sniffer says:

As pretty as beetroot is I cannot get past the flavor of dirt. The only time I was able to eat it was when it was pickled. The sweetness going on somehow made the dirt like flavor less annoying.

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