Chicken & Vegetable Pie (A Pub classic)

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Another Pub classic , Chicken and Vegetable Pie with Shortcrust Pastry. This Classic Pie is Packed Full of goodness with country vegetables Carrots , Peas and any other Veg You Like. Tender pieces of Chicken in a Rich Gravy make this Chicken pie a Classic Best Served With Creamy Mash or chips.


Shiela Perkins says:

Made this today and my husband said it was amazing 😍 thank u so much for ur recipe.

The Cooking Pot says:

Looks so delicious! Great recipe! Big Like!

The Cooking Pot says:

Delicious. Great video!

Adupadi Samayal says:

Very nice recipe

GarPunkt.TV says:

Looks very nice! 👍👍😊

Tasty Recipes With Sama أكلات لذيذة مع سما says:

👍👍👍👍looks yummy

Living With The Lee's says:

Love this dish it looks yummy I think I will make it!😍

Brenda Strand Rigdon says:

Mince meat pie boiled potatoes peas and gravy was a favorite of mine. What a lovely pie you made Jon, I never got anything like that from the pubs I went too bags of nuts and crisps 😄

Farhin Recipes says:

wow….looks yummy……

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Pooja rai says:

Amazing channel my dear friend….love watching all your videos..New Subscriber….I hope you do the same for my channel…..pls stay connected…

Toy Joy says:

This is nice!! Looks so yummy. Nice recipe

Cook with Ishi says:

superb recipe…….

Susmita-r rannaghor (slice of life) says:

Full watched.. Well prepared.. 😊👌👍

Jacqueline’s Crafts & Hauls says:

Great recipe ty for sharing 😊👍

Iphy's Kitchen says:

Delicious vegetable pie. I like how you season your chicken

Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness says:

Great recipe ( like 10)

PlanetKeef says:

Monsta pie, well done!

Pete Thomas says:

Thyme and chicken works so well. You made a beautiful pie here Jon 👍😋

Jan Sokolovits says:

I got ur back please get mine to

Leftis Music Channel says:

Super delicious pie!!!
very good cooking video!
friendly greetings!

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