How to Make the Best Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

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Elle shows Bridget how to make the best vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Bites.

Get the recipe for Buffalo Cauliflower Bites:
Get the recipe for Vegan Ranch Dressing:
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Ima Doll says:

Cool recipe, but please, it's call eh flower, not call E flower.

hildy Nln says:

I made, it, following the instructions to the letter. It's horrible! Greasy, hot (as in spiced) cauliflower??? A waste of a lot of expensive ingredients. (Now I have to find something to do with the leftover coconut oil and milk. Bah!)

Jayyy Zeee says:

Vegan wings! Yay!!

BushyIV says:

Can this recipe work using an oven rather than frying?

Elizabeth Coburn says:

This recipe is delicious! I made it twice; once fresh, and then used leftover battered cauliflower from the first time to deep fry the next day. Both times were excellent!

Hakeem Shabazz says:

Omg, Black People and vegan recipes on ATK!! Bout time!!!

Kim Young says:

I love this recipe!

DoNot Need says:

Looks tasty…

seattlejayde says:

Excellent job!!!

D Nice says:

Not to be that guy, but plants totally have parents.

Chatty Monkey Don says:

at 3:30 is that coconut yogurt or coconut milk? You say milk but it looks like the coconut yogurt you used earlier for the ranch.

BSGA22 says:

Isn't there also a version of this you make in the oven?

ChocolateRx says:

When I saw the thumbnail I was super excited, but then you lost me at corn starch and cornmeal. 😢

The Hitech Hobo says:

ANOTHER recipe I need to make!

Sidney Mathious says:

That cauliflower dish looks so delicious and I have to try making some.

Margaret D says:

I'm definitely making this recipe! But because I really can't eat sugar, I think I'll use a substitute and hope it doesn't create an aftertaste.

Jason Young says:

Is there a vegetarian version of this? I have a lacto-ovo sister in-law, and I'd like to try making these for her sake.

AlexMeow bleufeline says:

Wow, these look absolutely wonderful! More vegan recipes please!

honger1 says:

Working in the food industry for over a decade, I cringe when I see people prepare food with painted nails, and jewelry. 😬😬😬

Melaneykk says:

Wait not a lot of Scoville units like Tabasco? Um that is the mild hot sauce.

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