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Jamie’s new book is out, and it’s fair to say he’s pretty excited! Check out this video for a little sneak peek into some of the incredible recipes, all celebrating the wonderful world of VEG! Jamie takes us through some of the dishes with the Food Team at hand to help out and talks about the book in detail too.

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3 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce | Jamie Oliver & Davina McCall –

Veg BBQ was Live | Jamie and Gennaro –

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Judy says:

As a vegan love that you are branching out and sharing vegan recipes. Better for our health, planet and animals.

D Fluke says:

Great recipes. But if you think eating more veggies is going to save the planet dream on !!! 70% of the ingredients are shipped in from abroad …….

Gerry Wolf says:

Hey Mr. Ramsay. Nice ears:-)

Der Hilde says:

Thank you Jamie for all the love you put into your books and shows. I startet cooking with you 10 years ago with Jamies America. And today it is my little holiday to stay in the kitchen and make good food for my family.
Dont let you get down because of bad business of your restaurants.
You habe a wonderful family and you inspire thousands of people to Cook good stuff. Thank you for the bhan mi leftover Sandwich, the Lasagne, the best noodle salad in the World and Many Many more. I am going to celebrate your New book in the next months. Habe a Nice christmas time. Cheers, Stephan!
P. S. Excuse my bad english. 😉

Katy H. says:


Afridor says:

best man! thx for this fantastic book. great recipes.

Angela Beasley says:

I'm very glad that you are not calling this a vegetarian cookbook. Certain cheeses like parmesan are not actually vegetarian. Having said that however, I love the premise of this cookbook.

Elizabeth Knappert says:

AT LAST Jamie I am So pleased……….I got your first book ever, and now I will buy this one!

Jacqui McArthur says:

In South Africa it's a meat haven. Difficult to get plant based meals when life is so busy. So THANK YOU so much for this book. I'm definitely getting a copy!

Melissa Carroll says:

Love your Passion!!!….Thankyou!…XX

Ideffix_Cat22 says:

OMG ,🎬💖😋🤩🎋🎊🥰🍀
WOW thanks a love it💝

Jarryde Paterson says:

Watched the 1st episode of your new veg show! It got me so excited to play with some of your recipes 🙂

cheng charisse says:

I just order this book via amazon as my birthday gift next month 😍 i am start to be vegan, and you launched this book, thank you so much! You inspired me as vegan ! Support you in malaysia.


دنبال یک دوست بالای پنجاه و متل من عاشق غذا هستم



Alexandra L Court says:

I just made your stroganoff. 🤯 Where have you been all my life?

Michael Gask says:

Thanks, Jamie. Will definitely check out your book… love your style; love your heart. 🥦🌶🥬

Robin Ludvig Isomaa says:

Good pitch. I just ordered it!

Aaron Garner says:

Slave food!

Aaron Garner says:

Potatoes and bread! No thanks! That looked gross. Bring extra toilet paper with these recipes.

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