THE BEST VEGAN BURGER | Recipe by Mary's Test Kitchen

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A high protein vegan burger that is actually juicy. GET IT!
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I recommend sticking with Chaga in the morning to start the day off right, Cordyceps before being active (or for an energy boost without the caffeine!), Lion’s Mane when you need some help concentrating during work, and Reishi in the evening as the best kind of night cap. All of the mushrooms can also be consumed throughout the day, whenever they are needed most! The entire catalog is vegan and gluten-free!

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Printable recipe + blog post:

Sometimes, you just want a tasty, moist, juicy meaty bite that gushes flavour with every chew and bean burgers don’t cut it. Tomatoes are naturally high in glutamates which enhance flavour so it’s perfect for this grillable vegan burger recipe. Is it the best vegan burger ever? I think so. It doesn’t taste like meat; it tastes like savory aromatic mushroomy goodness! Try it and let me know your opinion!

You can make them big and thick for a pub-style burger. Or make them thinner and smaller so you can stack them in fast food-style burgers. The burger patties are meant to be juicy canvases for your burger cravings. So add your favourite sauces or burger seasonings and fillings.

In this video, I share two ways I love these burgers: a great big juicy vegan cheeseburger and a vegan big mac as close to the original as I could get it. Luckily, vegan mac sauce is easy to make since the only non-vegan ingredient to swap out is the mayo.

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Breacher B says:

So glad I discovered your channel! I WILL be trying this recipe this weekend! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Kyle Villanueva says:

Can I freeze store this without the broth?

Oppkuk UK says:

Would you have pure gluten to less gluten substitutes

Cam G says:

went vegan and in 6 months gone down 4 blood pressure pills from my medications. should have gone vegan long time ago

Ramesh Patel says:

Thanks will try yourrecipe

Hector M Pacheco says:

A little bit of gluten 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

RubyDrella says:

Omg you’re a wizard! I need to make this asap!

Elena Pina says:


Rachel Lampen says:

Wowsers, this looks fabulous!!

Aisha Parker says:

I seriously love you lady‼️ you’re magic 🙌🏽

Kaegan Thornhill says:

Did you ever get around to uploading the homemade vegan cheese video?

renata casiel says:

Hi – Plan a Vegan 2020 New Year so gathering information & this by far is the best-looking burger I've seen. Can you tell me if this recipe can be used or adjusted for vegan meatballs and or meatloaf?

Smiley Agapa says:

if i cant find any of the dried mushrooms what else can i use?

fran mcgarry says:

They look great. I must try 😍

Cade Giosporin says:

I’m not even vegan I can’t stop watching these cooking videos

Kelly Myers says:

Hello & I love you. Thank you for all of this XO

Chantale Perron says:

OH please please any substitute for a gluten free version?? PLEASE?

Cheyenne Plotner says:

Mary! What a recipe! This is the best minus meat burger my wife and I have tasted! Here’s your recipe in action:
We made half following your recipe and half we added a tsp of Worcestershire and 1/2 tsp of liquid smoke. When we put the on the cast iron I used clarified butter and some thyme. Thanks again! Will def be sharing this recipe.

Scan End says:

Do you have a gluten free burger recipe? Ideally one without beans :/

Rolando Loeb says:

can i use nutritional yeast instead???

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