Classic Shepherd's Pie – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon’s take on a real British classic. The secret to this dish? It’s all in flavouring the mince.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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Saba Khalid says:

Ok now I’ve just got a headache and don’t wanna cook for shit!

Ben Hillemann says:

I am here for the comments 🤣


Can you zoom it a little more?…

unknown says:

Why all the negative comments. It's easy to make if you know what you are doing. Anyway, best Shepherd's pie ever!

Trust NoOne says:

What can I substitute with wine 🤔

Will says:

It feels like I’m watching Requiem For A Dream

amihay landau says:

Gordon: "Nothing worse than a greasy sheperds pie"
Gordon 60s later: "Parmesan cheese"

Vkusno U Vali / Вкусно у Вали says:

Если уменьшить скорость, то вероятно станет понятнее рецепт))) я смотрела на скорости 0,5

Gf says:

sorry gordo i used beef stock

Joe Farouk says:

What the FUCK am I watching?

Chad Kroeger says:

Who shot this video? Micheal bay?

Marcinho Savant says:

Served this earlier this week, and my guests demolished it! Great recipe!!!!!


Orion3G says:

Mine is in the oven as we speak, can't wait to taste it.

Urbana says:

okay pen at the ready and….wtf

Orion3G says:

Me and my attention deficit disorder are satisfied with this quick and to the point recipe.

Harmeet Sayal says:

Why does Gordon always look like he’s gotta go use the loo

vian aztraguzt says:

The cameraman and editor should be ashamed.

Breeny Lee says:

1. Pour in olive oil
2. Add in minced lamb – cook till brown and fat is removed
3. Season when brown
4. Grate onions
5. Grate carrots, mix
6. Grate Garlic till disintegrates
7. Add in Worcester sauce
8. Add in tomato purée
9. Add in red wine
10. Add in thyme
11. Add in rosemary
12. When red wine has evaporated, add in chicken stock water
13. Cook for no more than 4 minutes
14. Take out and put in dish
15. Put the boiled potatoes in and mash them up
16. Season
17. Add two egg yokes
18. Mix
19. Add Parmesan cheese
20. Spread mash on top of mince
21. Season and add on grated cheese
22. Fork the top of the cheese
23. Put in oven for 18-20 mins

Thiago Adriano Machado says:

In my land, Ceará-Brasil, that is "hiding meat dishes" hehehe

James Painter says:

Why does this feel like I’m watching this on speed

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