making & reviewing 8 recipes from ✨ 'FAMILY: NEW VEGETABLE CLASSICS TO COMFORT & NOURISH'

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I cooked up 8 recipes from Hetty McKinnon’s new cookbook ‘Family: new vegetable classics to comfort and nourish’ – and goodness me there was some deliciousness had indeed. I hope you enjoy honeybunches, and that you’re doing groovilly well x


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Natasha Iodice says:

Great review Phoebe! I am also a fan of Hetty's cookbooks. The cacio e pepe salad looks awesome! 
P.S cacio is pronounced 'carchio' 🙂

Donna Nichole says:

Ah, I love all of your videos… I particularly have a good giggle once you've tried the food and your eyes roll to the back of your head… Sounds weird, but you know what I mean 😀 Thank you so much for sharing x

Anna Li says:

Omg the rice vermicelli dish looks so similar to a dish my mom used to make (its Chinese— there are different seasoning I think rice vinegar, sesame oil… and something other? Lol)

The Conscientious Eater says:

your vocabulary is the best!

TheBathroomGirl says:

those recipes seem so fresh and mouth watering! great review!

Natasha Lapierre says:

You can alway's veganize it event if it's vegetarian

Positive Karolina says:

All look delicious!!!! Love how you made it all look!
I once (at a very early start of youtube) made a review (more of an unboxing) of bosh book. But nothing similar to this! Now I wish I had this sort of idea lol! 🙈

lauraehmusic says:

ahhh this made me hungry!!
i have been recently so salad inspired because it’s got to that summer time where salads are quick and easy and require little time with the extra oven heat!!
so these recipes are looking PERFECT
love it xoxo

kkylaye ⍌ says:

love these videos!

Jimin Kim says:

lovely ! 🙂

paulipetrichor says:

I love videos like this, it's so lovely to get your insights and opinions on cookbooks! 🙂

Have you got Anna Jones' "The Modern Cook's Year"? It's a gorgeous cookbook, it's vegetarian too and as a vegan I sometime don't know which recipes to make / which ones would still be bomb vegan, so if you ever find the time to make one of these videos about said cookbook that would be the dream! 😀

Keep doing what you're doing, it's bloody brilliant!

Celine Ludewig says:

Loved your review ☺️

Melanie Richardson says:

The cauliflower noodle thingy looked yum!

The Silver Rivers says:

stopped revision to watch this video 💕

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