MorningStar Farms | Lose Your Veginity

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If you’ve been holding out on plant-based foods, lose your veginity with MorningStar Farms. No matter how you like to do it, we’ve got you covered with our assortment of plant-based burgers, nuggets, breakfast sausage, and more.


JacobSockness Sucks says:

This, this is why people don't take vegans seriously.

Donna Dda says:

🤮gross commercial, stupid

issa cheesybiscuit says:

i'm suddenly vegan

allthingsbgi says:

Who is this major BADDIE GALOREEEE

Scott Conder says:

What's with the prudish comments? Jeez, lighten up!

mllippert88 says:

This makes me want to stop supporting MorningStar and start actively working against them…

Breadking L gelato says:

Look like you just sunk a new low

Cheese4G says:

MorningStar Farms. We're literally named after THE DEVIL.

And before anybody says "DURHURR you're just talking about the Lucifer TV show", Lucifer was referred to as the morningstar LONG before that show. Where do you think that show got the idea?

Chafomon says:

You're better than this, MorningStar.

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