Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff!

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Hi guys! Today I’m going to be showing you all how to make a super easy, delicious comfort food, the popular stroganoff! Vegan style of course! I got this recipe idea from ‘Cheap Lazy Vegan’s’ version of her stroganoff but I gave it my own twist!

So I credit Rose from Cheap Lazy Vegan for this idea that I just had to try!

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You Must says:

That's some appetite you have!

Iwona Sutton says:

I like you…

DoNot Need says:

I've also used egg shell pasta. They can hold on to the sauce.

The Unmodern Millennial says:

Unsure if it's been asked but two questions. Does the coconut flavor show through? And what would I do with remaining coconut cream?

09echols says:

use a mesh strainer to sift your flower over it and you won't get any lumps or that jelly consistency

Russell Booth says:

That's basically the same as making beef stroganoff except without the beef.

I don't eat quite as much food as that these days & I'm not a small person (197cms tall),I know a friend of mine whose apparently vegan,I think her & her family go over to the bowling club for the all you can eat buffet which costs $26 per head for an adult on a weekday.

My point is that I don't think she eats that much,I know I don't see any point in going to there as after 2 plates of food & dessert I'm full so $26 is a bit too steep for 2 plates of food.

I've also been training by brain to eat less food by eating 2 strips of dark cooking chocolate every day which reduces my need to eat sweet foods.

I know I have increased satiety ever since.

Ariel Coffin says:

I love how you hunt down all the mushrooms and make sure to eat them first. šŸ’›

Sara Martin says:

You saved my life every other recipe I saw used white beans! Loved this!ā¤

David Amaral says:

youre super cute

Shani Marvelous says:

Iā€™m making this ASAP and Iā€™m shouting you out on my Mukbang channel when I do it. That looks Bomb šŸ‘šŸ¾ just subscribed

Ryan Oats says:

For a second I thought you were pouring white paint into that bowl. Lol, I'm stoned. Great video though, love the energy. Think I'm gonna go make some of this for some munch haha

Natasha Carlyle says:

Anything involving mushroom and coconut cream has my attention, looks amazing!

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