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Just a few blocks south of Lower East Side deli mainstays Russ & Daughters and Katz’s is a new modern deli counter and grocery: Orchard Grocer. Completely vegan, Orchard Grocer re-creates iconic New York sandwiches without the formerly requisite dairy and meat.

Now more than ever, thanks to Instagram, people are eating with their eyes. But does all this Instagrammable food actually taste good? What’s the story behind popular new food like Taco Pizza or Cheetos Macaroons? “Fork Yeah” answers these questions head on. This series goes to the source of the latest and greatest food trends and most ‘gramable dishes to find out how they taste and what inspired the making of them.

Chas Truslow

Camera Operators
Dan Cangelosi, Tyler Tronson

Aron Meinhardt

Fredy Delgado

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Production Coordinator
Sarah Barry

Senior Producer
Nezihe Soyalan

Supervising Producer
Stasia Tomlinson

Executive Producer
Justin Lundstrom


Step It Up (B) by JD Trigger, DJ Chunk, Rathbone Pick

Inner City Goat (a) by Oliver Johnson

Bat House (a) by Oliver Johnson

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Thrillist says:

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Thrillist says:

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Thrillist says:

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Sandy S says:

I had the Italian sub this weekend while visiting (took it to the airport the next day for lunch while waiting for my plane). It was SHOCKING GOOD!! I don't think ANYONE would think this is vegan if they weren't told. How do they do that? Thank you Orchard Grocer!

appolyon050583 says:

Why did they cut out the reaction to the ham, egg and cheese??

David Slone says:

This might not make sense to non-New Yorkers, but, as a native, I don’t think that the gutsiest move that they’re making is turning out a bunch of herbivore takes on omnivore classics, but rather that they’ve got the nerve to serve Jewish appetizing, Latino bodega, and Italian deli standards all under one roof! That’s a fight in my neighborhood!

Just kidding. Nobody fights in my neighborhood. We’re all thoroughly gentrified.

stilcrazychris says:

Where's the $5 dollar lunch guy. I miss him!!!
I like your show to,
Chris who wasn't to work for you…

Caro Carrera says:

Incredible.🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 So fantastic.

avery splinter says:

Im not even mad, this is amazing

rhijulbec1 says:




Tosh T says:

Don't mess with my lox and cream cheese bagels! My favorite. Disappointed Chas didn't like the vegan BEC because I'm a big fan of tofu and tempeh. Have two vegan restos I visit semi-regularly so a big fan of vegan dishes…all the food here looked quite tasty. Excellent episode. 👍

TheGreen Jarret says:

Im more comfortable with PlantBased than Vegan.

Vegans are politicised, voting law that give rights to animals in places where human rights sre still trampled. Really bad controlled opposition.

Cademan Caden says:

Looks delicious. Wonder what their prices are like….

miles roman says:

well done

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