Veggie “sausage” Roll | Jamie Oliver

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Oh my, oh my! Veggie roll! Like a sausage roll but no sausage meat needed, and still so so good! With this flavour combination you will not miss that sausage meat, such a brilliant flavour combination of roasted butternut squash, chestnuts, sour cranberries and cheese all wrapped up in puff pastry. It’s a quick recipe, it’s an easy recipe, and most importantly it’s bloomin’ delicious!

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الطبخ الصحي العربي says:

Lovely think you jamie big hi frome morocco

Tey K says:

Very nice food

Harry Sar'nt-Major says:

Just did these for our Christmas day party food! Made them yesterday and then baked them today. They're soo good! Merry Christmas Jamie!

Caitlinfilmt says:

How to veganize this: use vegan puff pastry, vegan cheese and a little bit of plant milk instead of the egg 🤗 you can also add a little bit of vegan minced meat or crumbled vegan sausage. Endless possibilities, thanks for the recipe Jamie!

Dũng nguyễn says:

Normal vegetarian can eat eggs.

Arti Vedi says:

Black kishmish (dries grapes))or cran berry. Which r lil sour nd sweet

Arti Vedi says:

Cud we make these sheets at to try some

Arti Vedi says:

Replacement of chest nuts

Freyja Mulhall says:

Jamie you have no idea how much i appreciate the vegan/vegetarian recipes!!!!! love from Australia

Kylie Harris says:

Thank you!!!! Been looking for veggie pie options other than spinach! This is ideal! Thanks! 😃😃😃😃👌🏼 (ps. I swopped the butternut with orange sweet potato)

Sanya Sanya says:

I‘ve just made these, the vegetarian and vegan version, and OMG you guys it’s so tasty! Thank you Jamie you are the best! I am your fan since the Naked Chef days. Love you!!! ❤️🙏

Ron Si says:

Jamie. Please grow a beard. You look like a jackass without one. And Jesus Christ. Work on that hairstyle. You’re such a handsome man.

Vòng Tay Nhân Ái says:

bạn làm món ăn thấy ngon quá à

Tony K says:

Not healthy at all

Silkes Welt says:

it look great. Thank you for this idea. 😀

Marina Tezelashvili says:

Good…he know how to cook!

Deimantė S. says:

As a vegan, I appreciate you mentioning vegan replacement. That is what we need more of – non-vegan chefs embracing and enjoying it (: i hope you do more vegan recipes, please.

Kiss Kiss says:

Oh, Jamie 👍🙏💖🌹, Thanks you, beautiful , beautiful!!!

natalie smith says:

Definitely on my menu on Boxing Day for my beautiful sister who’s a pescatarian 👍

Atoosa Mahm says:

I will get on this as soon as I can. lol. Thank you =)

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