Whole-Roasted Cauliflower is the Vegetarian Answer to Giant Meat Dishes — Elevated Cooking

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In this episode of Elevated Cooking, abcV chef de cuisine Neal Harden preps up a family-style cauliflower dish — plus, a plate of slow-roasted beets for good measure. AbcV is located in the Flatiron district of Manhattan and serves a vegetarian menu.

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A Lee says:

While I like cauliflower it's no replacement for meat not even close dimensions apart

Ravi V says:

Its VEGAN not vegetarian…..

BenRangel says:

A plain cauliflower is just not exciting enough to be this kind of centerpiece. It's to plain and basic. There is not enough cooking skills going on for me to pay for that stuff.
I mean, I like vegetarian dishes and enjoy the concept of being honest about what it is (instead of doing something that looks like meat) but I'm not at all excited by whole celeriac or cauliflower.

Gorana Trbić says:

This is wonderful! They are acctually a vegan restaurant with michelin stars…

Michael D'Auben says:

There are so many actually good vegetarian dishes, and you're bragging about a roasted head of cauliflower? LOL.

DevUltraa says:

When cauliflower is your answer, you need a better answer.

Joshua Stefano Baguio says:

This is so stupid

Sync Conan says:

WTf is this shit lol

Rusty Bucket 5000 says:

as a carnivore, i LOL at this pathetic attempt

Cemykay says:

pfui deibel

Mortuza Mumit says:

Ha hA ha ha Ha Ha ha ha

Parth Joshi says:

Should've added caramelized onions instead of just plain old onions.

Zee Devil says:

Amazing such a great concept

matyan says:

i think i will stay with indian vegetarian food…100 times better…

TheMontegonian says:

this is just sad

spaceman with raygun says:

Since I don't eat veggies maybe I can take a hot dog with some hamburg on the end and food color it green.

Bobomeetworld says:

Stop imitating meat you vegan..just eat the damn meat urghh!!

xhmcsx says:

i get it, but this looks like a really crap version. barely cooked.

alxcol says:

cauliflower is life

Sai Krishna says:

If you are vegetarian, you have no option but to move to India lol. The food I eat at home daily is way more sophisticated than this.

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