The Ultimate Veggie Burrito | Shay Ola

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Welcome Shay Ola to the channel! Shay creates beautiful Mexican street food inspired recipes and this vegetarian Ancho, Lentil and Plantain Burrito is super healthy too! Ancho chillies add a mild heat and chocolatey flavour to the dish which combined with the nutty aromatic lentils and sweet delicious plantain take this up a level from the traditional rice and beans.

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This recipe is from Shay’s book Death By Burrito:

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Luis David Ardila says:

Look delicious! Can't wait to try it.

luca karottki says:

My man! You and seth rogen have the exact same eyes. Big up from here- Also like the burrrrrrito

Eduardo Paganotto says:

What alternative could I use for that ancho chilli?

LornyWalsh says:

Did he just cook lettuce?

Mark G says:

That looks like it taste amazing, can't wait to try it for myself.

Marco Cubides Domínguez says:

Why would you want to sauté a lettuce
Americans are obsessed with dying from heart attacks, I swear

mittens the house cat says:

Game changer brought me here 😒

Unbeastable says:

Sheez what a great combination.

Joshua Chuah says:

love this guy

Refnuss Nendis says:

amazing^^…. but stooooop using plastic bags… its not that hard to bring an own bag for ya shopping 🙂 LOVE!!!

Dave King says:

Nearly sure I’ve seen this guy on crimline

James Wilkinson says:

I cannot believe he fried the lettuce, for Christ's Sake!! 😳

Raul Calvo Martin says:

funny that the burrito doesn't have rice

城新 says:

he’s cool

Wietse says:

More of this amazing dude!!

Captain Bean Crypto says:

Metal tongs in a non-stick pan? My girlfriend would kill me!

eupel1 says:

What a cool guy

Emilia Korovkina says:

Great recipe. But what if I don’t have plantains at local supermarkets? Also, how can I substitute those chilis (don’t have them around neither)

Movie News says:


Universal Vibes TV says:

This looks like a dangerously moreish and healthy burrito. Will defo add to my recipe folder.

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