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See what we eat in a week as a family of vegetarians, this is a collaboration with the lovely Zoe AKA Theyoungmama, ill leave her channel linked bellow so be sure to check out her meals too. Ill also leave a link to some of the recipes…..

Her Video:

Lentil Bolognese:

Chickpea and Bean casserole:

Find me:


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Hello! And welcome to my channel. My names Kirsty I’m 29 and a mum of two beautiful girlies!
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PINAY Vegetarian says:

I love it every time I see vegetarians like me in YouTube. Definitely sub

Vivmom Sews says:

This was wonderfully helpful to me! I’ve made several notes and feel ready for some Fall cooking, thank you!😃🌸

Rachel Fairs says:

This was great trying get it so my almost 6 year old( on friday in fact) daughter and I only eat meat twice a week , my husband may take more encouraging. I make the lentil and veggie bolognase that deliciously Ella did it has small chunks of veg but you could wiz it. Thanks for the ideas. X

zoe Williams says:

Hi just found your channel. Meals look great! We’re a veggie family also x

TeamStein Mummy says:

Great meal ideas and we love a hidden veg meal, to keep whinging to the minimal! Are you saving on the shopping bill will no meat? Xx

Daisy Bailey says:

Love the look of that chickpea casserole! We try to eat veggie once a week but want to incorporate more vegetarian meals into our lifestyle. I got lots of inspiration from your video, thank you! Xx

Amy Palmer says:

Courgetti and carrot noodles are such a wonderful carb replacement, tastes so good. You have so many of my favourite meals on here! Stir fry, lasagne and sweet potatoes 😍

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