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Jamie had a busy day cooking for the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque, and created this epic Veggie Burger inspired by an Onion Bhaji and the flavours of Brick Lane. It is delicious! He even got to have some fun with the new car too! Check it out…

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I Designed My Own Kitchen Car!!!

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Chinmay H says:

Pav bhaji 😂

Vulkani says:

0:40 Car commercial 101

Ranveet Singh says:

not at all indian style man 😂

Baba Ganoush says:

You definitely need a range rover in a city lol

Perfect Gentlemen says:

Cleans his hands so quick at 3.17 but gets them messed up again a second after.

A R says:

Why does all veggie food have coriander 🤮 actually rank

Antara Debnath says:

Ingredients sounds amazing.✨

Urmi Mukhopadhyay says:


Jessie Enebeli says:

When I read 'paid promotion' I was expecting heavy advertising and the product randomly showing up at odd times having zero relevance with the recipe

chrisrine lambert says:

I thought that you would have an electric car Jamie 😜your slipping lad 🌲

The Cook says:

Wow 👍👍👍👍👍

Anjna G says:

I am Indian and i do make some lovely burgers but never thought of making it in this way. I like how your channel inspire me to cook things in an imaginative way.

Max Frechdachs says:

J. O. caught by capitalism.

Chef Jason Peru says:

Jamie is my hero

Silver Bullet says:

You know what would make this great veggie burger the greatest? Some fresh chevre chaud with roasted red peppers!

Francisco Monteiro says:

Heresy!!! He didn't even toast the buns

Knight_rider says:

this is not burger sweet , carrot and sweet potato are not good candidate for veggie Berger so as mango sauce!!!

Dimas Farhan says:

Vegan? I almost vomit just now

Mayank Saharan says:

That's not paneer, it's a cheese, but it's not paneer. aka. Cottage cheese

Maria Rego says:

Are you proud of yourself

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