Full English Breakfast Part 1 – Gary Rhodes – BBC

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Part one of three. Gary Rhodes shows us how to create the perfect full English breakfast. First into the frying pan are the streaky bacon and sausages. Mouthwatering clip taken from the BBC series Gary Rhodes’ New British Classics. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcworldwide


p0giboi says:

RIP chef……πŸ˜”

bart gregory says:

For my money Gary Rhodes was head & shoulders above the rest of these celebrity chefs, this classic fry-up really speaks volumes about his obvious talent and sheer dedication to what he was doing as a chef………………innit!!!

Drexil Spivey says:

Only just seen that Gary sadly passed away in November and i came here having remembered seeing him a good number of years ago cooking this fry up. It's still the best fry up i've ever seen and his description of what he's doing enhances the experience even more. Watching it again is mouthwateringly magnificent. R.I.P. Gary

Chris Taylor says:

Oh Gary, such a loss.

[empty] says:

love to make a fry up while I'm off my nut listening to aphex twin the morning after

Matthew Young says:

RIP absolute total legend and gentleman gone too soon

Mark Zola81 says:

That ain't proper bacon

Emp Effects says:

English food gross

Hugo Clarke says:

Rest in peace

torai manchester says:

aphex twin on the intro tho…

Adam Powers says:

Surely 20 minutes is far too long to keep the bacon warm in the oven whilst cooking sausages? Just whack the sausages in the oven surely!
Also RIP

kysike666 says:

RIP Boss ty for all the vids

Villainous foreigner says:

That hair is legendary

Matthew Cunningham says:

Love Gary, fantastic guy and an amazing chef. RIP

Red Rambo says:

R.i.p Gary. My first job after leaving catering college was working at Gary Rhodes restaurant in Manchester.

Lola Vanenburg says:

I loved this guy..such a great cook..R.I.P GaryπŸ™πŸΌ

paulkazjack says:

I'm going to force my wife to watch this,with force.

Chris O Neill says:

R.I.P Gary!! You were always so fun to watch!!!

Nez Bit says:

Bless him x

bay dough says:

meanwhile the bacon goes cold

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