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Kick-start a healthy new year with Jamie’s spicy and colourful Black Bean Soup recipe inspired by his recent travels to Costa Rica. Black beans have the highest protein content so not only is this dish delicious it’s good for you too. The chilli and herbs add a beautiful depth of flavour while the eggs softly poached in the soup add a creaminess and a vibrant colour. Serve with a fresh salsa and tortillas. Filling, tasty and full of sunshine.

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Dave McBroom says:

That's alot of cilantro!

dylanisco0l says:

jamie this looks fantastic thanks for the recipe

Martin Andersen says:

It tastes amazing

neurofire says:

Now that's what I call 'how a real bloke cooks!' No fancy schmancy measuring cups, impossible to find herbs and seasonings and easy peasy ready prepped black beans, all done with I think that'll work (coriander stems) and it does. Gotta learn how to crack eggs like that and chop garlic with a sharp knife without looking.

Miss T.E.A. says:

I never EVER throw away my stalks. They're the best part.

Richard Baker says:

Look lovely definitely going to try this

Mon Soymon says:

That brings back old memories. I grew up eating frijoles and when there was a fresh bash of cooked beans my mom would make sopa negra. Only thing Ticos don't eat hot pepper, not like that anyway. But I can understand how for others that gives it an extra kick.

Manlio Melloni says:

Pura Vida de Costa Rica. Thank you Jamie 🤙🇨🇷

Rick Girthquake says:

Whilst I am usually not a fan of this Jabroni, this soup looks good.

Lala Katie says:

My egg got partially scrambled

Paul D says:

what's with the bean liquids from the box? sort of nasty…

Unbeastable says:

Looks like diarhea with peices of undigested veggies

Kavya Reddy says:

Gross! Runny egg yolk in bean soup? No thanks! That’s the last thing I’d want to eat.

I Love Jesus says:

I lost my appetite when he added the eggs. Dude meat I could have understood but eggs…C'mon

slash2jimi says:

I have a mega food boner right now.

Eugene Sedita says:

No coriander here, cilantro instead?

Jeanne Amato says:

Easily veganized.

Dwain Smith says:

Healthy? Not with Olive Oil and eggs.

pjr1525 says:

What if you don't want to go in? You're content to just add ingredients.

trefod says:

He goes in so many times I wonder if he's ever gonna come out.

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