How to make a French quiche from scratch | All Time French Classic

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This quiche recipe is easy to make and is the classic French version of the famous quiche with bacon and cheese. Ingredient and recipe on my website:

That french recipe is easy to make, it is delicious and you can use the same “savory custard” with a whole ranges of other garnishes such as meat,vegetables or even fish , everything works. This beginner friendly recipe is simple and super versatile. perfectly suited for home cooking too. It is best to try the original first (the quiche Lorraine from this video) then experiment with various fillings.

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Bev Fo says:

No, chop that bacon up into nice, small, "mouth-bites", and use more eggs – it's a quiche after all! It's called undercooked!

Happy Kids says:

Hello Chef, i have seen some recipes, where they prebake the Pie Crust before hand and then put their Quiche Mixture and then bake again, so what is the benefit in baking the quiche without pre-baking the crust?

P.s. so glad to come across your channel and learn from it.

Sandro Farina says:

I perforated the crust as instructed, and the custard leaked all over

Jon Bibas says:

Mais non!! Arretez avec le bacon!! A classic Lorraine is only chunks of ham!!!

Sushma Sagar says:

Ugent. Please tell me if the bacon must be fried first, or used raw?

66longinus says:

WTF! Cheese in the quiche Lorraine ! Paul bocuse must be spinning in his grave. T'a fumé la moquette ou quoi ?

Otisserick Gafenstaffelisimo says:

`I've recently subscribed and your videos are wonderful, entertaining and easy to follow. Keep up the good work, and please disregard the American morons.

Bob G says:

Cheddar cheese?.. I would have thought gruyer, comte or swiss..

Desi J Richert says:

Cut the bacon into bite size pieces you fucking moron!!!!!!!! You Suck!!!!! You Fucking Frogs are always screwing something up!!!!

grill38 says:

In Quiche we trust ♥
Greetings from France !
PS : dans ma version revisitée j'utilise des lardons, je mets quelques morceaux de tomates et du poivre par dessus pour parfumer

Richard Spragg says:

I made this today. Tasty, but my cheese and cream separated during the cook. Any ideas why? Love the channel and thanks for many recipe successes.

Marcena Lamb says:

The bottom crust was raw.

Beatrice Nkundwa says:

Quiche Lorraine is a staple in French cuisine like croque madame.

Rosa Castro says:

you make french super easy. To think I avoided french cooking all these years thinking it was super complex. Thank you for making it easy to follow

mark sutton says:

Looks like shit.

kickn-aDead-cat says:

I add sautéed onion and peppers and used duck eggs. Oh yeah

Jean-Luc Konieczny says:

Pas de bacon ni de fromage dans la quiche Lorraine ! (je suis lorrain)

Carl Kermode says:

Just a heads up, the link to your website goes direct to a recipe for rabbit in mustard sauce.

Knappa22 says:

I’d use a metal flan tin for this – it conducts heat much better than a ceramic one.

Ariel says:

I'm binge watching your channel, and I literally can't wait to learn how to actually make all these things properly. Going to have lots of happy friends and family haha

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