How to make the best spaghetti Bolognese – BBC Good Food

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Chelsie Collins demonstrates BBC Good Food’s recipe for the ultimate spaghetti Bolognese, deliciously meaty with a chilli kick! Bolognese is the perfect mid-week comfort food dish for the family.

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Tony Lawlor says:

Why are you introducing the herbs at different times?

DeanMrsteele Steele says:

a true spaghetti bolognese is chopped tomatoes tomato puree onion and a drop of wine simmer on low heat for 2/3 hours drain pasta add to the bolognese . no hurbs what so ever

DeanMrsteele Steele says:

how to kill a simple Italian dish

A Nii says:

Everything except rosemary that herb is too strong

Shaz Javed says:

She puts things in n don't explain why

Fools Gold Found says:

You don’t put bacon and carrots in. You just don’t.

ZeeeBoss says:

Wrong all one needs is: mince, salt and pepper, 1 onion Italian seasoning, basil and pissing spaghetti don't make a simple dish complicated

Lleyton Nowlan says:

You’re awesome Chelsie keep up the great work.

Tree Tree says:

looks delicious! I would like to know were that saucepan is from?

Riccardo Alessi says:

I am a bolognese, and I say you that spaghetti alla Bolognese not exist.

jim holroyd says:

I like to add chopped mushrooms to my bolognaise…

Col says:

Not sure I can abide by bacon , carrots & celery in a Bolognese …. but I must say it looks pretty good

Joel Williams says:

Cooking novice here, but isn’t that cooking the bacon too much?

Dany V says:

You know it's gonna be a bad receipe when she can't even pronounce BOLOGNESE correctly…
Even a 13 year old kid in italy would know better…

Sean says:

Do I have to simmer for one hr fifteen minutes if I am going to use tomato paste from a glass bottle?

Home Grown says:

I don’t know celery and carrots if I prefer to that? I don’t know, I just alike either with sauce o no and little garlic bay leaves maybe put little chicken or meatballs!

Kodi says:

Stock cube full of chemicals to such already flavorful mix? She doesn't know what she's doing..

National Autistic Socialism says:

There is no bacon in spaghetti bolognese. Sorry about that you pig. 🙂

The Crunkmeister says:

Well, first of all, you need to go to the spaghetti farms…

Dave Nadeau says:

I add duck confit in
mine 🙂

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