Mushroom and Chestnut Wellington | Waitrose and Partners

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Silvana Franco makes the perfect vegetarian Christmas main. See the full recipe |
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M. Grant says:

The 'chestnut' mushrooms appear to be what we in Canada call 'cremini' mushrooms. Can you provide any further information?

T K says:

What kind of side dishes can you recommend? 🙂

Patricia Lord says:

I shopped at waitross when I visited friends in New Castle, England. I loved it!

Cosmicchrissy says:

Hi can you please tell me how thawed the puff pastry is when you roll it up? Also does your wellington get soggy on the bottom? Looks delicious

Peggy Scott says:

Please help. I am having a lot of company and am wondering if this could be made ahead and frozen before baking. Would appreciate any comments.

nasir sham sham says:

damn i wish i can taste it

Giles Banarse says:

She is an awful presenter

Purple Sunflower says:

I put toasted nuts and apples in this Wellington !


Awesome make this every year 💓

Faery Fox says:

I am shaking my head. I make a version of this with different vegetables and I go though so much more fuss and fiddle. You just NAILED that! I am abandoning mine now and will take up yours. I feel so lucky I found this. However, wondering if a little vent in the top would be a good thing.

Alex Hutchins says:

I much prefer dried time over fresh thyme. The flavor of thyme becomes more intense in the drying process. And it lasts much longer.

Camilla Jowett says:

Please can you give exact quantities of the recipe………mushroom, chestunuts spinach, goats cheese, and leek. Louise Jowett

Deepa Khatri says:

@ Waitrose What other types of mild flavoured cheese can I use? A guest of mine is not a fan of goats cheese. Thank you

Archer says:

Vegans are idiots.

My Makeup Tackle Box says:

This looks Amazing!

Cat Catt says:

That looks sooo 😊, but realized it's not vegan

Roxanne Marie says:

this is awesome!! ♡

Fleur says:

that looks fucking good

Blue Knight says:

I went to waitrose today to find this ready made

Fiona Midgley says:

Why does so much vegetarian food have goats cheese in it? I hate it! 😄

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