Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puds Recipe – New British Classics – BBC

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Charismatic chef Gary Rhodes shares some great advice about how to prepare a British classic – roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. Great recipe ideas from Gary Rhodes’ BBC series New British Classics.

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Frank Probert says:

Gonna make that Gary
What chef you were 🙏🏻👏🏼

Fluffy Bunny says:

RIP Gary! A great British chef 👩‍🍳

dislexic landlord says:

RIP Gone to soon  59 is not old

Fluffy Bunny says:

A great British meal prepared by a great British chef!

Shawn Donovan says:

Pal: you need a new barber!

Elsa Pena says:

I plan to make this for Thanksgiving since I did marry a Southie. Me fam is from Ireland so this will be very interesting to do. I'm planning it so me Mum and Da' are kind of excited to make sumthing about this. I'm used to the Puddins, of course…

Ronbo710 says:

My Gran was from RIchmond Yorkshire and she made the BEST Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings on Sunday nights. Also the cauliflower with the white sauce. MISS YOU GRAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pikeman50 says:

The Cloud is moving nearer still.    Aurora Borealis comes in View ew   Aurora comes in View ew.

TheFashionbugs says:

He's one mime away from being Howard Jones cheesy.

paucceri says:

one of thebiggest misconceptions is that searing meats 'seals in the juices'

English Heart says:

That looks like over-risen and burnt Yorkshire pudding to me and I know because I'm from Liverpool 🙂

Flavio Espinoza says:

dont b hatin on his swag, swerve

crazycool1128 says:

why does he always use so much salt?

Jürgen Klinsmann says:

browning doesn't seal anything. browning is done for two things and two things only – aesthetics and flavor…

Undertaker the furry vampire says:

is t just me or dose he look like Bart simpsion

damobyrne says:

He smiles too much

kenns9 says:

pudding=american muffin?

Pearl2purl says:

It's practice, practice, practice, mate, with those knives. The first two quarters in culinary school are dedicated to learning your basic knife skills, and basic cookery techniques. You go through 100's of # of produce, and hundreds of hours cutting everything from aubergine to zucchini – mincing, dicing, julienneing, batonneting, tourneeing — (making 7-sided torpedoes) and all the other 100's of cuts I can't even remember now. That's where you get the technique, the speed comes with TIME.

Adventures of an old Seadog says:

Think I'd need a bank loan to buy a bit of meat like that.

chockycake1 says:

Beef…season with a mix of flour and mustard salt! Then 20 mins at Gas 9, turn down to Gas 5 and cook for 15mins to the 1lb for rare beef..allow to stand for 30mins..and I guarantee it will be perfect! Thanks Delia for another fool proof recipe. 🙂

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