Stilton rarebit – Gary Rhodes New British Classics – BBC

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Gary Rhodes produces the ultimate cheese on toast using Stilton and port in this quick and easy-to-follow recipe from his New British Classics series. Watch more high quality videos on the BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:


Rob says:

RIP Gary. Grew up watching his cooking shows and reading his books he truly put british cooking on the map, a very under rated chef in my eyes despite his michelin stars and success. The industry will miss him dearly 🙁

ASGod says:

R.I.P. Gary Rhodes, I’ve recognised your work for about two decades even though I didn’t watch you much. May Christ embrace you in His Kingdom.

patricia treslove says:

Love it, take good care Gary

dna598 says:

sooooo dated. The food and the hair. lol.

Thaddeus Glazer says:

putting raw flour in that what an amatuer move lol

J. Jonah Jameson says:

Can someone tell this guy to get his hair cut? One day, he'll poke someone's eye out.

d horton says:

na, mate its fuckin wrong

John M says:

In the Philippines British Stilton costs GB Pounds 3.25 for 100 grams !

tobias forbes says:

i'm australian and i fucking hate stilton but gary rhoades is awesome

YoonaNo1Fan says:

@lucasignacior ikr

Lucas Ignacio Rodríguez says:

This videos are hypnoptising

Sarah Jane says:


Elle Mads says:

@zillaxy Well……i am stupid S:}O

Elle Mads says:

@findthecomputerroom6 I feel like he is just sorta suspicious…..he touches the food to much and his right eye twitches…so i dont like him either but i am not british so perhaps you are the only one.

MrOutdoorsguy says:

did you forget to get rid of your bed head this morning

Remedii says:

It's white Kid N Play!

zackrasner9000 says:

his head is too dangerous.

LiliFromHali says:

Dude's got bitchin hair.

spamanator666 says:

There's a spider on yo head.

thePirateQueenKt says:

jedwards long lost father?

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