Summer Vegetable Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

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This speedy, vegetable lasagne is full of spring and summer flavours, including asparagus, lemon, mint and peas. It’s absolutely delicious and really quick to make with a few little tricks from Jamie. Keep it veggie if you like by leaving out the chicken stock and anchovies, and don’t forget to use vegetarian parmesan.

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals originally aired on Channel 4. If you’re UK based you can watch Jamie programmes on All 4

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Илона Давыдова О Еде! says:

It’s generally a good one, but lower ends of asparagus need to be peeled otherwise it’s too hard to chew on it. Another thing, is quantity of water, i followed the recipe and it didn’t absorb fully for me so it was a little watery.

Arsen Korpetayev says:

Better to use béchamel

Paul Hatcher says:

Jamie’s 30 minute to 2 hours expensive meals …..

Sanna Hellström says:

Yummmmy! I just love your cooking!

Ayesha Ahmed says:

I made it today and it turned it pretty awesome ! The lemon zest , thyme and mint gave it a lovely flavour . I added crushed green chilli for some extra spice . Thank you for sharing this recipe !!!

Mari Asunción Martín Arroyo says:

Qué buena! Pero que engorde!!!

ophelia dikki says:

I use cottage cheese a lot when making a vegetarian lasagne. I also substitute it for ricotta cheese which I don’t like.

Gabrijela Vuja says:

I love it…Special thanks to Mr. Jamie Oliver. Best wishes and my deep Respect.

coftonlake says:

The mint is pure genius!

Ally says:

Lol I love how he says veggie for vegetarian

Evie Addy says:

… little bit more of a spring lasagna than summer

teenindustry says:

why not use ricotta instead of cottage cheese? then it would feel more italian

Srikar Viswanatha says:

Title: Vegetable Lasagne

Jamie: Adds anchovies

Antoinet Pastoor says:

bloody brilliant!

Gina Pellicciotta says:

Fantastico come cucini,bravissimo
👨‍🍳💚😘 saluti da colonia

Oscar Lacey says:

Hi Jimmie, Isn't this a vegetable dish… Why does it have fish in it! This isn't very fair, Jimmie…

inessa press says:

No tomato's ? 😮

Kyle Robinson says:

Mmmm now thats fukin tasty xo

ainanor says:

I am not veggie too I am human lol

aneaneaneaneane says:

I love those fava beans. I would always peel them, tho

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