Vegan Cornetto vs Vegan Magnum – VEGAN TASTE TEST EP1

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Vegan Cornettos and Vegan Magnums just hit the streets of Australia. But which is better? Where do you want to spend your dollars for amazing ice-cream!!

Ellen & Indya open up the vegan cornetto, vegan classic magnum and the vegan almond magnum and let you know just how they are, AND more importantly, which one is BETTER!!

Which is your favourite? What vegan products would you like to see us try next? Let us know in the comments below!


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taetae says:


selick says:

I tried the almond magnum and didnโ€™t like the chocolate. But I donโ€™t think I ever really liked magnums when I was a kid.

Marie Mai says:

I just tried the magnum almond and I love it a lot. I even think it might be even better than the original.

ArjBunnell says:

Yes, definitely bite the bottom…

Jordanwts says:

Oof, that title slide (vegan taste test) is very jarring, looks like it's lagging. Or is it just me?
It also reads as "vegan+ taste test", don't know if it's meant to but it's confusing either way.
Just some friendly notes to improve on.

Catherine Long says:

It was weird as I tried a magnum overseas and I wasnโ€™t blown away, same thing, I thought it could have been creamier. But then I bought a package here, just in case and I liked it a lot. It seems they are inconsistent. We tried the cornetto overseas too and it was nice but we werenโ€™t blown away. I would love to see some different vegan cheeses.

Jacqui Rose says:

Im struggling to find them in Adelaide! wah!

Jaime Hall says:

I prefer the Cornetto as well!

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