Vegetarian Buddhist Cuisine

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Anyone hoping to understand the range of Sichuan cooking should plan to dine at a Buddhist monastery restaurant. In these establishments, monks prepare elaborate vegetarian fare, much of it designed to mimic Sichuan classics like twice-fried pork. The Baoguang Temple in Xindu serves a meatless lunch of artful dishes that fool the eye and offer more proof of the Sichuan penchant for healthful eating.


Sue Hohla says:

This was a great video. Please talk about the food in front of you more. I am sure interested in knowing what those dishes are.

Alicia Seecharan says:

Wow, imitation meat dates back to Buddha… I prefer purist dishes if eating clean. Tofu blah… Happy Holidays 🎄🎁🎁✌ðŸŧ💟😉😎ðŸĪŠðŸ˜…ðŸĪĢ

zhongrui wang says:

i miss that monastery… i used to have meal outside the temple for a cheaper price. And i am a vege

Mohamjip says:

There would also be no onions or garlic in this meal, as it isn't used in monasteries (or in restaurants they may run).
Using chopsticks in a communal meal, the thicker end of the chopstick is used to pick up the food from the plates and put onto your own plate, while the thin end is used for putting in your mouth.

Sydney Silver Show says:

interesting vid, thumbs up

ambrozia web says:

 I'm a vegan but from what I have read Buddha did not say people or monks should not eat meat. There are a few types of meat he said they shouldn't eat. They are not allowed to kill the animal or see it killed. Maybe it depends on the type of Buddhism you follow, so many different types exist. 

ki li says:

those 2 must be super hungry they ordered so much foods 🙂

Tziu Ricky says:

That's not meat …. cool down my friend. You are like attempting to defend Buddhism somehow, however you are having a judgemental, angry attitude, towards your own misunderstanding.

Chi says:

It's NOT meat. It is vegetable derived protein.

sanathm123 says:

Is that Dunlop?

tamsinthai says:

Amazon is your friend.

tamsinthai says:

All these 'Buddhist' Thais here in Thailand most certainly do. Ground pork/chicken in bloody everything. do a search on here 'Thai recipes'. Hypocrites.

yayudin seid says:

FAKE bullshit Buddhist people don't kill animals and eat meat, this is bullshit all Buddhist are vegans

Zhouji Duan says:

Actually, the "meat" what you said is made from Tofu and other vegetable. Sichuan is my hometown, and I was in Vegetarian Buddhist restaurants many times.

Business Nil says:


MacAlexandra says:

Could anyone tell me the name of a good cook book with this type of cuisine, vegetarian buddhist, that is… Thank you 🙂

hellowjp says:

I have to make a visit there once I'm in Sichuan

Juan Velez says:

Good, point sorry. In the New York/Jersey area.

Jonas Schanze says:

Where is here? Do you live in the center of the universe?

Juan Velez says:

They should have a restaurant like that here.

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