Creamy Leek and Potato Soup | Healthy Vegan Recipe

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Soup season is officially here and this creamy, dairy free Leek and Potato soup will help warm you up through the winter blues.



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Brian matthews says:

Too many ingredients. Keep it simple (no oil).

HazardousPleb V says:

If you're trying to be a cook. Sharpen your knives for God sake… a blunt knife is a dangerous knife….

Will try the recipe though.

TheFanCritic says:

Why does the music sound like that "why did you eat my fries" from Adventure Time?

Wurzel1976 says:

Looks great,however how do you make sure that the veg has been grown chemically and not organic ?

PeaceLoveAndRico says:

Simple scalloped sweet potatoes and leeks! Roast seasoned layers or stacks on a lined sheet tray in a 350-400Β° f oven till it starts browning, add favorite vegan cheese if desired or any of a trillion sauces.

Lori Evans says:

What type of potatoes did you use for this recipe? Thank you.

Liliana Sousa Nanji says:

Alho francΓͺs Γ  BrΓ‘s! It's like bacalhau Γ  BrΓ‘s, but I make it with leeks because I'm vegetarian. I honestly think it's better than the original recipe, it is so yum 😍

Bob Smith says:

Is it just me or do people say "Go ahead" an awful lot in instructional videos now a days. Great video but that part drives me a bit nuts.

gil gonzalez says:

Me and my wife are under the weather. I made us this soup. It's amazing, thanks much

Cory Phillips says:

Thanks but the long intros are unnecessary. Get to the recipe! Lol. Then talk after maybe

Julie Homer says:

Sorry but where’s the recipe please?

Black Panther Hi-Fi Sound System says:

bless up thx

Black Rose says:

Yum! Gonna try this today 😊

Jadyn Adamson says:

So do we blend the bay leaf?

Susan Dumlao says:

It's looks yummy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Foodie DNA says:

Why do you wash the starch off of the potatoes?

Missanthrope says:

Great video, thanks! I use leek in stir fry sometimes. Bit unconventional I guess but tastes fantastic. Fry some onion, garlic & ginger, add some paprika, then add sliced leeks, mushrooms & broccoli, chilli flakes, salt & pepper & stir fry. Very easy, delicious, my BF loves it & he’s not a β€˜veggie’ person. Sometimes i add a teeny squidge of honey at the end too.

Jennifer C says:

Booooo bland

Philipp Beaudoin says:

Excellent potage.

Chad Ditsworth says:

Vegan soup with chicken πŸ” broth? How does that work ?

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