Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant

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If you find yourself in Barcelona, Spain, pay a visit to a Disfrutar, a Michelin-star restaurant opened by a three chefs who consider themselves close enough to be brothers. Together, their goal is to bring laid-back, creative Mediterranean food to local diners and travelers alike.

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Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant


Amen says:

Fussy food for fussy people.

Emanuel Traiger says:

"Communicating cuisine". Come on, food is food haha.

Kyra Mancenido says:

amazing techniques, simplified to what’s essential and what works!!!! felt like eleven madison park / tickets!!!! now googling how to stage here, soon to be the number one restaurant in the world if they continue at this level probably add a more sustainable or dan barber-esque resourcing style and they got in the bag!! i understand how many people can’t comprehend the art level of this food and call it pretentious, because they don’t understand the beauty of food and the labor that goes so much with it, mad respect to these guys they did el Bulli proud!!! this is now currently my favorite restaurant, next to Gaggan, EMP, and Tickets (never ate in any of these) just purely based on their Philosophy!!!

Guitar73 T says:

I guess paying for youtube red doesn't prevent all advertisements

jim jimjim says:

I'd love to spend a months food budget on one visit to a restaurant. Too bad I'm stuck with pot noodles and Rustlers burgers for now.

Sentient Android says:

this stuff just looks so dumb, like its probably fun for the chefs since they get to experiment but i would never order this sort of thing even if i was super rich lol

James Preston says:

Incredible amazing skill and presentation but would never spend money at a place like that unless money was no object to me. I’d need to eat somewhere else as this would not fill me at all.

Jeffrey Morton says:

Maybe I've been watching too many "Guy" movies lately, but I watched this whole thing, halfway expecting for a massive terrorist cluster bomb to detonate right in the middle of the room, sending bloody, severed limbs hurtling in all directions, while the maimed remains of narcissistic international elite rich patrons skittered like injured crabs over the offal of the dead staff that only seconds before had been feeding them the finest fricasseed human fetus that money could buy…

Donald Tramp says:

Street food is just as good. And less pretentious.

Mahesh7 says:

Creativity level 💯👋👊


That built in add tho…

abemadi says:

What exactly the name of this restaurant?

My Name says:

If the food is good you don't need a waiter to explain it.

sadia iram says:

Wish i can eat these dishes…

Matthew Gow says:

I was extremely confused about why I couldn't skip the ad in the beginning lol

Goodfight Broman says:

Pure amateurs! At my restaurant we can serve you cows balls rubbed fulltime for two weeks for ultimate tenderness by a biological eastern Asian jungle woman with a bit of tree bark found from the magical pristine mountains of Narnia, sliced into razor thin slices by a slicing machine which has been marinated in golden honeybee sauce which contains real gold stolen from fort Knox.

Jetskii 2001 says:

Why am I always on the other end of the screen

Neety Neets says:

This is amazing

Faith Marks says:

That Johann Wald dude 1:25 looks like the black version of Kramer from Seinfeld.

Michael MCSE says:

Hating the built in Ad considering i'm paying for Premium. Should not be allowed. Food is amazing though

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