Hot And Sour Vegetable Soup | Indo Chinese Recipe | Restaurant Style Hot & Sour Soup | Varun Inamdar

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Learn How To Make Hot And Sour Vegetable Soup Recipe from The Bombay Chef – Varun Inamdar only on Rajshri Food.
Make this simple, quick and easy popular Indo Chinese Recipe of Restaurant Style Hot & Sour Soup Recipe at your home and share with us your experiences in the comments section below.

Vegetables cut into juliennes:-
5-6 French Beans
1 medium sized carrots
¼ cup Bean sprouts
1 cup Green Cabbage
1 cup Button mushrooms
1 small Green Capsicum

2 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
3 tbsp. Spring onions, chopped
2 tbsp. Ginger Garlic Green chilli crushed
6 tbsp. Dark soy sauce
4 tbsp. Red chilli sauce
5 tbsp. Vinegar
4 cups Water or Vegetable stock
Salt to taste
¼ tsp. Sugar
½ tsp. Black Pepper powder
3 tbsp. Cornflour
¼ cup Spring greens finely chopped
5 tbsp. Red Chilli oil

– In a wok heat oil till it starts smoking and add crushed ginger-garlic-green chilli and the sliced vegetables.
– Toss and stir fry on high flame.
– Add water/vegetable stock and boil on high flame for 2-3 minutes.
– Once boiled, add dark soy sauce, white vinegar, red chilli sauce and mix well.
– Now add salt, sugar, black pepper and stir.
– Then add the mushrooms and bean sprouts and do not mix.
– Mix corn flour with cold water until no lumps are seen and add it to the boiling soup.
– Stir and add spring greens and red chilli oil.

Serve piping hot garnished with red chilli oil and spring onions! HAPPY COOKING!!!

Host: Varun Inamdar
Director: Vaibhav Dhandha
Camera: Kavaldeep Singh Jangwal, Pratik Gamre, Spandan Rout, Akshay Sawant
Editing: Dinesh Shetty
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited

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Vikrant Kamble says:

मराठी बोलायला लाज वाटते का..इंग्लिश आम्हाला समजत नाही

Jyoti Bhardwaj says:

Tried making it, had no mushrooms and green beans. But still it was yummy 😋 me and my niece loved it 👌🏼. Thank you 😊

Santilata Behera says:

Ha , bhai! Hind nahi bol shakata kaya???

Brosky999 says:

Looks wonderful! And now I’m hungry!!!

Maria Bashir says:

Very delicious

Misa Wong says:

I really like this soup, maybe try to make this 😬

gargi ghosh says:

It's too tasty

Sky Sports says:

Rajshri Food  sir which brand of soy sauce and red chilli sauce is good in India and where can I get original one

Subhangi Lenka says:

Can I use rice flour instead of corn flour

shah sahab says:

Without chicken!!!!!!

Moto Vigilant says:

I found this recipe very simple.

Emii Khan says:

Is this homemade red chiili sauce n red chilli oil ??

Khair Nisa says:

Can you plz send me the recipe of this.

Rama Shtovba says:

Holy Cow when I had watched this video it was raining outside!

Rafeeque Kuwait says:

Super soup /english

meet Kaur says:

Plz make a video on corn soup

L B says:

This recipe looks perfect to me. I can't wait to try to make it myself. Thanks for sharing!

Harsha Weeraratne says:

Will make it.

Marie Eisbach says:

Wheres the tofu?!

S says:

Yummy 😋🌸🕋

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