The Best Vegan Tuna Melt Ever At Terri NYC! Plant Based Food

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I randomly found this vegan restaurant last month in the financial district since then i have eaten there six times the food is delicious!



Monie Ol Skool says:

Terri’s has some great food man! That’s one of the places that makes me miss NYC even more 🙁 Gotta stop by there next time I’m back home!

Uneak Tershai says:

Here for the angles 😁

Mr Scratch says:

What a black dude that does not eat chicken….hahahahaha I’ve seen it all now!

David Marshall says:

I gave up making my veggies look like meat dishes.

Robert C. says:

I'm having an orgasm watching all this…

Blain Jones says:

I might have to unsubscribe to this channel cause I keep getting these kinds of videos while Im on my fast lol. Damn it Lavar. I got 90 minutes left on my intermittent fast and I get this lol. Looks good. No vegan restaurants my way but I can always order organic, gmo free coconut wraps and other good stuff from Sunfoods.

Sophie Banks says:

Great video!! Is it organic? I don't want no glyphosates in my food and I don't want to pay a fortune for GMO crap.

Nettie Jenkins says:

Im going! Thanks …I hope you don’t mind if I share this (Smiles)

ILL says:

Love the video! It's been awhile since I've watched one of yours god. Awesome editing keep up the good work.

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