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Mary McCartney – Food | Food trailer

Food is full of uncomplicated, tasty meals to tempt both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Inspired by growing up as a vegetarian and working on her mother Linda’s recipes, and using stories and photographs (past and present) to tell her life through food, Mary has created recipes for friends and family that are imaginative and creative.

Fresh, inspirational and irresistible, Mary’s first cookbook will enthuse readers to bring more meat-free cooking into their repertoires. From Fruit and Nut Granola to Asparagus Tart, Mexican Bean Tortilla to Coconut Rice Pudding, Mary gives us ideas for every meal, from breakfasts to Sunday roasts, and offers new twists on old classics like pancakes, and Shepherd’s Pie.

As a working mother, Mary is perfectly placed to write a contemporary vegetarian cookbook – good food, cooked well and with ease, for all the family. And as a photographer she has a unique vision – her pictures are a glorious accompaniment to her mouth-watering food.


Stellalupa Tatililly says:

Dear Mary i think is better to be vegan.

Si Fi says:

I am a vegetarian who needs to disguise veg too. I have been making exactly her type of food for years. Home cooking is best.

Selwyn Narayanasamy says:

Lovely Linda

robinbrl says:

Mary, I am just finding out about this book. I bet it is a good one. I will have to look for it.:-).

Peopled Diagram says:

Mary, I think you are wonderful. I just wish I could tell you how unhealthy vegetarianism is, but I can't. You have to discover that for yourself. All I can say is be happy dear Mary, but please, please just take a wee peak on the wild side.

Ricardo Moniz Barreto de Aragão says:

Oh, Mary, these vegetarian delicacies you're showing are really filling our eyes. Your hands are very beautiful. The cover of your book is so beautiful that it even makes you want to eat it. I had the privilege of spending 3 days in London, I really enjoyed it. Your English accent is charming ! Goodbye .

stellalupatatililly says:

Vegetarian or vegan?

NYC girl says:

No longer an emphasis on soy protein & products.

Tranquil BlueSpirit says:

That looks very nice.

Carmen Valenzuela says:

linda would be so proud of her children

Rosemary Rotondi says:

A wonderful cookbook, highly recommend it to anyone who is a foodie.

Schoko Kürbiskern says:

looks fabulous.

j flo says:

Mary stay away from too much soy. Its very unhealthy & is a contributory factor in the development of breast cancer. I guess Mary is following in her Moms footsteps. She is low keyed & sweet just like Linda. Very cute.

Lexy F says:

I just bought this book and it's soo great!  could have a bit more recipes in it but Linda s books add to it. I love Mary's Corn fritters and her Meringue topped with whipped cream and peaches is soo delish! this book also inspired me to be creative in my own cooking.

D E S I says:

I need this book!!! The food looks delicious (:
I have some Linda cookbooks but Mary seems to have her mothers talent with cooking and for sure she has it with photography! 

игорь василенко says:


KarinaE98 says:

i am a Vegetarian..
i love her dad!! *-*

Alexa Dark says:

that looks all so delicious…^^

superman11978 says:

My mouth is watering. Mary is one beautiful woman. Can't argue with those genes. The food looks good too.

Go vegetarians! BTW I wish vegetarians would acknowledge Indian food more. I find that to be the ultimate vegetarian haven. A lot of the Western vegetarian dishes are very bland. What Mary says about needing sauces and gravy to make vegetables taste better — that's what Indian food is all about! Look forward to reading this.

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