Full English Breakfast Part 2 – Gary Rhodes – BBC

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Part two of three. Fried mushrooms and tomatoes are the next additions to Gary Rhodes’ full English breakfast. Clip taken from the BBC series Gary Rhodes’ New British Classics. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcworldwide


mike devaney says:

Mushroom and the fried tomato are vital

Paolo Brigante says:

This video is way to sensual

Paul Gibbons says:

That's the frenchest English breakfast I've ever seen.

Harry Bond says:

I don't care for the way the mushrooms are cut, I prefer to leave the stalks on and cut them in half down the middle

John O'neil says:

This is absolute bollocks! What a load of tosh! Still,people buy it!

John O'neil says:

Grilling is far better!

Owen Michaels-Hardy says:

Strange to hear Pat Metheny Group's "Are You Going With Me" as the background track.

The life of Jools says:

Someone had a cool taste in jazz music…Pat Metheny..Are you going with me..

Rob S says:

mushrooms and tomatoes do not make a full English Gary Rhodes

marc waters says:

rest in peace

BrotherTree1 says:

So sorry and sad to hear of his recent passing. I pray for his family and loved ones.


End of the Rhodes for Gary.😉RIP

Dr. Faith says:

Gary you were a nice guy and you will be remembered ! Wish you had cooked good halal food rather than promoting consumption of swine. Life is too short, so no one should ignore God and neglect the hereafter !!

Will Hub says:

if in doubt knob of butter out

Mr .Brickshithouse says:

Fkn grease overkill

Pete Stockman says:

The music hahaha

j0nnyism says:

Time for a bacon and lamb chop heist from aldi. Im starving and skint and have no shame

shefin mathew says:

U like tinned tomatoes why don't use it here..man u don't baste tomatoes

shefin mathew says:

U can't cook vegetables. I am disappointed

tritonsmasher says:

hnnnng this is almost pornographic

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