Meatless Meatballs! Vegetarian Garlic & Mushroom Meatballs

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Learn how to make a Meatless Meatballs recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Meatless Meatballs recipe!


Astavyastataa says:

Just remember that traditional parmesan contains animal rennet derived from the stomach linings of calves, and is thus unsuitable for vegetarians. Just a word of warning.

Carmen Ruvalcaba says:

Can you please do more vegan dishes! I know you can dominate this arena<3

MrBababuwi says:

Cheese is made of animals too. Did you know that? Did you use veggie version?

Roger James says:

how to have a heart attack, oil and butter and eggs !!!

Vegetarian T says:

I'm sorry to say to all the vegetarians that have tried and ate this, this recipe is not vegetarian. This recipe contains Parmesan cheese which is a non-vegetarian cheese. Parmesan cheese contains in most scenarios rennet which comes from a calf's fourth stomach.

Shamar Gillings says:

He never really named the ingredients he put in what are the ingredients all I got was mushroom, butter, eggs, parsley, breadcrumbs and onion

Irish RedBone says:

Very good one Chef John; I made these into a hoagie with grilled peppers, sauce, mozzarella then toasted under the broiler, so good 🍺

Kr8tive Kids says:

This really inspired us and we loved it so we did it with our dad, have a look – your rock

Anna Kulik says:

Made a double batch. I made one batch after only 3.5hrs of refrigerating, and the second one the next day – both had the same amazing results! The meatballs did not fall apart in the sauce. My husband said after his first bite, “so did you use beef for the meatballs?”
These are also light on the stomach.

Vivavoice says:

This is a keeper! Thank you – looks so so delicious xx

Daniel Cravero says:

This is a fantastic recipe!

keptyeti says:

I'm just here to judge everybody who shares how they made the recipe *better.

matszz says:

Instructions unclear, I'm now a swedish citizen.

E L says:

I made some meatballs today based on this recipe, except: I didn’t have onions so I added onion powder; i used hand crushed chunky parmesan flakes; I added cumin; omitted the parsley; and I only let it rest for 1.5 hrs before shaping n baking. Texture: 9/10 Taste: like what I have imagined raw ground beef would taste like and a hint of doritos.

malavika gv says:

how is this veg???

Matthew Hunter says:

I'd still mix in meat with this, making a hybrid. I'm not interested in going meatless but I'll reduce the amount I eat

Ericka Tejada says:

Can I put this in a soup or would it fall apart?

Ross Temple says:

Somebody’s been to the doctor.

Jerzee M.K. says:

Lol cattle farming is not just “pulling on a few udders” but thank you for the video, it looks great dear

Daniel Jordan says:

The egg production industry artificially inseminates chickens with a probe so they’ll lay frequently. They’re separated side by side in cramped metal wire cages with a “basket” underneath that sorts their eggs and leads to a production line. In these cages they can hardly move or walk at all.

The dairy industry actually slaughters the mothers once their milk production slows down. To produce milk a cow has to be artificially inseminated so she gets put into a rape rack. After she gives birth her kid is ripped away from her so the calf can’t drink her milk. It’s either slaughtered or raised up to be a dairy cow all over again. Just some education for y’all! Also cows mourn the loss of their kid and will cry out for them. They have a very strong maternal instinct/bond. Another thing to add would be that almond milk contains more calcium than cows milk, cows milk has also been proven to have negative effects on your health.

This is why vegetarians often switch to being vegan! Also should add it’s better for the environment.

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