Mexican Veggie Breakfast Recipe | Mindful Chef

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Cook up a super easy breakfast recipe with help from Myles and Giles from Mindful Chef. This Mexican Veggie breakfast is loaded with smoky black beans, fresh salsa and topped with luxurious poached eggs. For more recipes like these, check out the Mindful Chef cookbook:

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Rens Kroes says:

I love this! Looks so good. 🙌🏼

lilmonster90210 says:

Who are these hotties? :)))

TheSangasterDomain says:

It looks mexican, it sounds mexican but it is not exactly mexican

booksandquills says:

This looks so delish! Might try it out over the weekend 🙂

The Happy Foodie says:

Looking for a deliciously healthy breakfast or brunch? Mindful Chef have just the recipe for you.

Eoin Sheehan says:

Great Recipe! Some more Healthy Recipes over on my channel for anyone interested!

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