Chopped Charred Veg Salad | Jamie Oliver's Super Food Family Classics

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Salads don’t have to be boring, as proven by this recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Super Food Family Classics. This recipe is rammed with colour, texture and flavour! Make it tonight for the brightest, boldest dinner around. Get the recipe here:

For your chance to win a copy of Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver, let us know your favourite veg to add to a salad. Do you love fiery radishes, refreshing cucumber or maybe earthy beetroot?

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Abdul Rokib says:

I love sun dried peppers. The sweetness is unbelievable. Mind you do also like it pickled or chilli pickled with some lovely kale.

naomi shaw says:

I love to add beetroot, pickled or not I don't mind.

Nate Daniels says:

So who won the book?

Theresa Cooke says:

I like to add Beetroot. It adds depth and goes well with lots of other salads Ingredients. I really like Jamie's Books. Looks good and straightforward.

Yoshiko Yeto says:

Okay, this looks like my new favorite meal! The spice/nut mixture reminds me of dukkah.

Claire says:

HEAVILY into the heritage tomatoes this week. Last week was the final week of my fresh broad bean run and I used it wisely. Every week sees a green bean salad whilst they're in the veg box (usually Ottolenghi). But do many things beat sweet nuggets of hot roast carrots against cold avocado?(thank you April Bloomfield!) And I'm really just living in anticipation of my yearly feast of warm winter squash "salads", as ever. A good beet salad is a thing of greatness. Charred veg (WHENEVER my griddle pan is returned) in a herby, oily, nutty vinaigrette…probably shouldn't go on. But the best salads feature a panoply of veg, buttressed by the chunky/crispy/creamy/nuggety "interesting bits". Very like the above!

Emma Cove says:

Can't have a salad without cucumber, it's my absolute fav, plus my 6month old Bea loves sucking on a slice or two x

Azarakhsh Zarei says:

My favourite veg depends on the season. At the moment, it is a perfectly juicy tomato or a crisp and refreshing cucumber. Soon, it'll be roasted/charred brussel sprouts and carrots!

GoldenSun1986 says:

I love grilled courgettes with mint leaves, garlic and a balsamico-olive oil dressing. You can eat it with meat, with bread, as a side dish with cheese or just as it is. It's cheap and you can prepare it in advance. Or just prepare it in layers with the garlic and the mint and mix it on the table for some nice atmosphere. Very flexible and delicious salad.

BigMugsChannel says:

Favourite ingredient has to be toasted walnuts. Love the toasted nutty flavour and the crunch, plus super healthy. Loving the crushed hazelnut mix you added! (Please let me win the book :P)

Nate Daniels says:

Fennel…or onion.

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