How To Make French Toast 3 Ways : Classic, Vegan and Guilty…

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How to make Easy yet Perfect French Toast 3 ways. Authentic recipe, Vegan Recipe and a Super Rich French Toast recipe.

Delicious Classic french toast base recipe is always the same :
– 2 eggs
– 1 cup whole milk
– 4 TBSP sugar
– pinch salt
– pinch cinnamon
– drop vanilla extract.

I use that recipe all the time. That sweet piece of bread is comfort food for sure.

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Ryan4233 says:

Challah bread makes the best french toast

Itziar Sáenz says:

In Spain we call that dessert: Torrijas

kalina kasem says:

favorite topping : chevre cheese and honey
I like it simple but add less sugar in the batter and more salt as i am on the savory side, but i won't skip over the sprinkle of sugar to make it caramelize, great tip. usually only top mine with a tineyyy stream of honey, but the chevre takes it to another level

Guilherme Ferreira Tai says:

Why is he wearing make-up? just asking

_viiajetarot says:

Well I came here for a vegan recipe but then you used eggs and milk

Big Yang says:

I tried the rich version with duck fat instead of butter. Try it. My mind was blown, and so is gonna be yours

Prasad Padhye says:

Nothing hurts more than when you hit your toe to the table corner…..not even break up.

weigh Mcdoogle says:

I didn’t know alex used to wear makeup in his videos 🙄


Wow 100k when this came out. Watching now at 1.3 million.

Ertan Yildirim says:

1,23 mio. supscribers , nice

Trey Jordan says:

You are the French version of Clark Kent and super man with your glasses on/off you look very different and 10 years younger

Esben Rasmussen says:

French Toasted Croissants, with fried pineapple and filets from oranges. Maple sirup on top. You can fry the fruits in the maple sirup if you want to be disgusting. Be disgusting : )

Rumbling Prune says:

3:13 shit Alex you ever heard of a go pro?

rustjupiter says:

Am I the only one who noticed no glasses and he’s wearing makeup?

raisa Yana says:

S u p e r

Joe B says:

Your have the Frenchest accent ever

Grim Lock says:

Wait why is he wearing makeup

Amo A says:

i always do mine with 2 bathes, one with milk/sugar/vanilla then another with the eggs and a tiny bit of cinnamone
and for the cooking use salted butter instead of any kind of oil (i'm living in western france where we're kind of extremists about butter cooking…)
as for the choice of the bread, get any of wich you prefer, i tend to like french toast made with stale bread which actually explains the habits of the two bathes 🙂 but when i'm doing this as a dessert for my friends they love it when i go with brioche, salted buttered caramel, and cooked apple, like a super guilty "french toasted tatin"

Aaron Garcia says:

Excellent recipe! You should try with "cajeta" as topping (I don't know if you can get in your country, in Mexico the cajeta Coronado brand it's very common)

Sami Ben Ammar says:

It's not french

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