The BEST Vegetarian and Vegan Cook Books!

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Hi everyone, I hope you are having a very wonderful and exciting day and that you are getting so much done.

Recently I’ve been getting into health and fitness and sorting out my relationship with food. After a decade of battling eating disorders, I SO want to just be healthy.

So, today I decided to share with you some of my favourite vegetarian and vegan cook books! I adore these books, and they really help keep my eating on the straight and narrow.

DO let me know if the comments if you have any favourite veggie and vegan recipes or cook books that I NEED to try out.

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Books and Bargains says:

I have been trying to eat more veggie and the two books I love are so vegan in 5 and miguel barclays &1 vegan 🙂

1book1review says:

I always like the looks of cookbooks but stopped buyung them as I always end with just one or two usable recipes.

155 Books says:

I have recently become pescatarian so this is very helpful! I love the Hairy Bikers so I might check that one out, especially because I love hearty meals! The Meat Free Monday one looks so good too, omg I can totally see myself buying all of the cookbooks when I get paid now haha! I have Jamie Oliver's 30 minutes meals and loved that one so can't wait for his veggie one too! This was such an interesting and different video thank you so much for sharing <3

SparklesBooks says:

I could talk for weeks about vegan or vegetarian cookbooks, I have a huge selection of them and I’ve made one or two videos about them too, I love to cook!

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