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The lovely Chetna knows her Indian cuisine, and was taught a lot by her wonderful mum. She’s cooking up her Ultimate Veggie Curry, based on the Punjabi Chole her mum would make whenever she came home from college. Packed full of delicious veg and spices, this recipe has to be tried!

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Veronica Naidoo says:

Delicious 😋

khushveer kaur Raike says:

oh wowwwww .bhutt easy a bnona ah ta .mai rat e try kita c bhut testy bniya c .ghare sab nu bhut psand ayea .bss 20m di jga 40m hle aa meria vegs nu bnan ch … nd mai black channe use kre c .alag toh boil krke .nd channe aa wala whater e use kita c 100ml …. thankss to you nd your mom for this recepi 😘😘😘😘.god bless you bhene … we are punjabi 💪😎

Tina Kelly says:

Just made this curry, it's the best one I've ever made. Thank you.

marvelousmarvin71 says:

Hotpoint? Was gonna skip this vid but ill bare with it

Mrs Greene says:

How can I get the transcript of the recipe? I have been searching but only come up with videos. Thanks


I salute to ur Mom she taught u about cook sabzi WOW☺☺☺☺😊😊😊

Nicke Andersson says:

so, would that be like a thumb of ginger and 3-4 cloves of garlic? hard to tell 🙂

John Joshua Sulit says:

you have a refreshing hair! love it

M Shaer says:

Just made it and it tasted great – the fam loved it. I will definitely be making it again!

Joel says:

Very lovely recipe. Yum!

What is Chetna calling it? "Chole"?

Mona Möller says:

This is now one of my familiys favourites out of your receipes.

louiethemouseful says:

She has the perfect combo of an Indian and British accent

Mona Möller says:

Thanks for sharing this receipe – I tried it with various vegetables and it was always delicious!

lee jackson says:

Literally counting the mins till my version is ready, smells insanely good (great vid)

Inge Eissink says:

What a great recipe!! I'm just cooking it. It smells in my kitchen!!! GREAT!!

Wealth Coach Kahnju Ecleo says:

Her hair is divine. 😁👍❤️

sai30492 says:

Really good. I just wish the chickpeas used weren't from a can(so much sodium an starch) and were fresh ones boiled in a cooker!

Colaris says:

It's nice to know that an Indian recipe is actually authentic. Will definately try this!

Mona Möller says:

Dear Chetna – I did not have all ingredients and used butternut squash instead of cauliflower as well as coconut milk instead of double cream. It was very delicious!

D.B Cooper says:

What cooker was you using again as I didn't quite get the name 🤔 done this recipe spot on 😉

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