VEGAN ITALIAN FOOD w/ my family!

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I just returned home after 2 weeks of visiting family in Toronto & Michigan. I’m so grateful that everyone was accommodating to the fact that I’m vegan. Here is a little video I filmed one afternoon staying with my Zia Maria & Zio Frank in Toronto. It was a beautiful day! ♥

*LOW-FAT TIP*: A lot of Italian dishes are drizzled with olive oil. If you prefer to keep the dish lower in fat, ask to have your before the olive oil is added.
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rats We’re rats says:

This is so calm and wholesome. I hope my Italian family becomes vegan one day!!

Sander Ruijsbroek says:

What is the recipe for the bread topping? Everything looks delicious!

Seska Lee says:

What a lovely video! I love simple vegan meals and with pasta – the best!

GertyAndyDean says:

As a Canadian living in Italy, I find it so interesting to see Italians being totally Italian in Canada. Great video – you captured the special relationship Italians have with food: Taking time to prepare, taking time to enjoy. Slow food.

D Mooney says:

I keep thinking that's your mom, dare I say twins?

D Mooney says:

oh man, so loving that beautiful healthful garden!

Stéphanie Huss says:

Your aunt and unclue's garden is like heaven!! I would love to have such a nice garden hehehe 🙂

Summer says:

I heard that going bare foot in grass releases a hormone which makes your happy or something.

Diego and Hollie Ortiz says:

Great video! I just uploaded a healthy dark chocolate vegan almond "candy" please stop by and check it out. Love your channel😘

thatkindofwoman says:

You uncle and auntie are adorable!

Jessica Nilsson says:

Aww…I love everything about this video! The food, the garden, the people. So nice! <3 BTW…do you speak italian?

B. Carol says:

So beautiful and peaceful… And lovely!!

Silvia Gorini says:

Nice and fun video, as always. Ciao Zio!

Alessandra Medea says:

E' troppo simpatico zio Frank! 🙂

elizabethsalinas19 says:

I love your uncles voice and accent 😃

Chelsea says:

Love this! Thanks for taking us along to meet your beautiful Italian family!! And great, light Italian vegan food ideas! Moto bene! 😋🍅🍆🍇

Ena Nyonyonyo says:

Oh! I love your family!

HaLev Sheli Shelkha says:

I wish i could like twice 🙂

Minnesota VeganGirl says:

That all looks so delicious!

cstar6 says:

My mouth is watering. He had me at eggplant:)

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